Seeing this scene, everyone thought to themselves, so Eldest Senior Brother doesn't know that he is going to give them gifts?

However, this made everyone realize that Senior Sister Shen Le could actually make decisions for the Eldest Senior Brother? As expected of the second-ranked senior sister in the Void Temple!

From what she said, it seemed that Eldest Senior Brother had something good in his hands. If this thing was good for Eldest Senior Brother and Senior Sister Shen Le, it must be superb for them.

After a pause, the Eldest Senior Brother still said in a gentle voice, "Junior brothers and sisters, I've refined some divine tribulations before, so I'll give each of you one. But you have to know that all external treasures are actually not a manifestation of your strength. You can't have too many treasures, or you will lose your ambition to advance in crises."

The so-called divine tribulation was a mark. The mark passed through the void and landed in the palm of its owner. In the end, a mysterious dark red lightning pattern appeared on the palm. It flickered for a few seconds before slowly disappearing.

The Eldest Senior Brother said, "The divine tribulation can be used to kill enemies and temper and strengthen yourselves. If you use this seal to strengthen yourselves, you'd better wait until you become Great Monarchs. Otherwise, don't try this divine tribulation easily."

"Can it kill enemies?"

Han Fei's heart did a flip. This was the divine tribulation that a Great Monarch had to transcend when he fused with the Heavenly Dao. How many people could withstand the power of that tribulation? From what the Eldest Senior Brother said, even the disciples of the Void Temple couldn't easily temper themselves with the divine tribulation if they weren't Great Monarchs. Then wouldn't the power of this tribulation be able to shake a Great Monarch?

At this moment, only Senior Sister Shen Le said, "The divine tribulation isn't as simple as a heavenly tribulation. In this tribulation, it contains the essence of the fusion of ten thousand techniques. It can temper the body, the soul, the law, and the Dao heart. It has infinite uses. I sense that the Sea Realm might be in chaos soon. At that time, the Three Temples might reappear. In this chaotic world, Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters can't help you much. Most of it will be up to you to deal with. However, at that time, don't disgrace the reputation of our Void Temple."

Everybody was shocked.

Senior Brother Six God added, "So my guess is correct. Is the Sea Realm going to be in chaos?"

Feng Yu asked curiously, "Why is the Sea Realm in chaos? Isn't it peaceful now?"

Senior Brother Six God said, "The Wes Wilderness is in turmoil, the East Wilderness is at war, the South Wilderness is contending for power, and the North Wilderness has recovered its strength. It's said that there seems to be some secret in the Central Sea Divine Realm. This is indeed a sign of chaotic times."

Lei Heng said, "Well, interesting. That's great. I can go to the Star Sea later. Senior Brother Six God, after this matter is over, shouldn't you get out of there? I'll come to you then."

Senior Brother Six God said, "Yes! Wait, let's wait until the chaotic situation begins."

Han Fei was dumbfounded. Eldest Senior Brother's gift had been gained, and it should be time for everyone to exchange information. Speaking of the turmoil in the Sea Realm, Han Fei thought for a moment and said, "There might be a group of demons appearing in the East Sea Divine Realm. At that time, a large number of immortal-level or even Great Monarch-level powerhouses might appear."


For a moment, everyone couldn't help but look at Han Fei.

Han Fei said, "The Demon God in the East Sea Divine Realm I mentioned last time is not dead. And he may return soon."


Senior Sister Red Lotus said, "He's really not dead? Then is he a god?"

Han Fei nodded. "Yes."

Senior Sister Dark Shadow said, "In that case, this should be the first god reappearing in the Sea Realm."

Fifth Senior Brother laughed and said, "Little Junior Brother, did you really find this guy? You're really bold. You even dare to find a god. Tsk, tsk…"

Han Fei said, "Fifth Senior Brother, you provided accurate information, so I went to look for opportunities."

Everyone couldn't help but think of the warning that their Eldest Senior Brother had given Han Fei. He had to prove Dao within a hundred years. It seemed that Han Fei had gained a lot of opportunities this time!

Han Fei wanted to see the senior brothers and senior sisters' attitude towards the Demon God, but their reaction was calm. Even when he mentioned that a god was about to reappear, they didn't react much as if they had expected it.

Han Fei thought to himself, It seems that my understanding of the Sea Realm is still not enough! Or is it true that as the God of War said, not all the gods have disappeared, but some of them, like the Demon God, are actually just dormant?

The gathering of the Void Temple ended and they returned to reality.

Han Fei stood still and pondered for a while. So far, he had done everything he could.

In terms of strength, he already had five Dao Locks.

The Emperor Sparrow also had five Dao Locks, and Little Black and Little White were coming soon. He had gotten a lot of treasures, and his karma with Old Yuan was almost over.

In the Infinite Mining Area, Zhang Beihai was already under his control, and the City of Origin was no longer a threat. He had consumed a large number of strong masters from these two cities during the northern expedition.

These powerhouses were even stronger than the power they had shown in the Chaotic Wasteland.

After all, in the Chaotic Wasteland, on the surface, there were only a few Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

Half a year later.

In the Hero Tavern of the Distant Camp, Chen Xiong, the owner of the camp was mixing liquor casually.

It was crowded in the tavern.

Someone said, "Hey! Have you heard of it? It's said that a Carefree Realm powerhouse of the Central Sea Divine Realm's Fist Sect died on the way to hunt down the Human Butcher."

Someone sighed. "Really? Is your information accurate? Didn't they say that only Dao Proving-Level powerhouses died?"

The man said, "So our Distant Camp is a bit far from the eight camps! This news only came a few days ago. Uncle Xiong, you knew about this a long time ago, right?"

Chen Xiong glanced at them with a smile. "Shut up. Do you think those things are for you to discuss? Don't blame me for not reminding you. Don't ask around. Many forces in the Infinite Mining Area are very wary of this matter."

The man laughed. "That's for sure. We'll just talk about it in the Hero Tavern. Who would ask around? It has nothing to do with us."

Amidst the laughter, Chen Xiong lowered his head with a hint of helplessness in his eyes. He didn't expect that the young man would be so powerful. He had thought that the other party was a strong Heavenly Talent and it was fine to destroy the Black Wind Pirates. There were many people who could do this.

However, only after several years, there were more and more shocking rumors about the young man.

At this moment, he thought that he must not let others know that he had made a deal with this person. Fortunately, when the Black Wind Pirates were destroyed, this person didn't call himself the Human Emperor, let alone the Seven Kill Army.

But even so, he didn't dare to be negligent. Because more than a month ago, there were two more people here, two extremely powerful existences.

These two people would sit in a strange manner, and their behavior was occasionally abnormal. This confirmed to Chen Xiong that these two were not ordinary sea demons.

After a sea demon transformed into a human, they would learn the behavior of humanoid creatures to better adapt to such a living state. However, these two people were very unfamiliar with this. Besides, Chen Xiong often saw that these two people would accidentally show their furry tails and wag them.

Chen Xiong, who had seen a lot of things, was very sure that they were not sea demons at all, but divine beasts or ferocious beasts.

It was not impossible for divine beasts and ferocious beasts to appear in the outer camp of the Infinite Mining Area, but they were very rare. These two people had been eating and drinking here for a month. Occasionally, one of them would often ask about the Human Butcher, but he was not very willing to pay.

This made Chen Xiong vigilant. He had been on tenterhooks for a month, fearing that the two would find out that he had been in contact with Human Butcher.


The door of the Hero Tavern was pushed open and a young man walked in, looking like an ordinary customer. However, the moment Chen Xiong saw this person, his pupils were constricted and his heart stopped beating for a moment.

Seeing the young man walking towards him, Chen Xiong was speechless, but he didn't dare to show it. After the young man sat opposite him, he pushed the wine he had just mixed over.

"Old Chen, long time no see!"


Chen Xiong said, "It's been a long time. You're like the sun in the sky now. Why are you here? You have to know that the information about you is very valuable now."

"Gulp! Ah~"

Han Fei picked up the glass of wine and drank it in one gulp. Then, he said indifferently, "There are some things that started here, so they have to end here."

Chen Xiong couldn't have felt more awful. Did Han Fei mean that he was going to destroy the Distant Camp?

Chen Xiong knew that Han Fei had this ability. The puppet army of Puppet City could easily crush the Distant Camp.

However, Han Fei put down the wine cup and chuckled. "Old Chen, it's never safe near the Godfiend Sea. It's time to move to your Distant Camp!"


Putting down the wine cup, Han Fei got up and was about to leave.

Chen Xiong was taken aback for a moment, but then he suddenly thought of something. It seemed that Han Fei had searched for information about the Godfiend Sea when he was here. What did Han Fei mean by that?

"Wait a minute."

Chen Xiong hurriedly called out. Han Fei looked back, only to hear Chen Xiong transmitting a message to him, "Be careful. Two people seem to be following you."

Han Fei smiled and left without looking back. The two people Chen Xiong mentioned were Wang Xiaojiu and Huang Ergou.

They had planned to get up after Han Fei came in, but Han Fei went to talk to the tavern owner. Now that Han Fei was gone, they certainly had to follow him.

However, this scene surprised many people in the tavern. Those who could survive in the Infinite Mining Area were not stupid. These two strangers had been here for a month. How could they not attract the attention of some people?

At this moment, the two of them left following a stranger, one on the left and one on the right, which surprised them.

As soon as Han Fei and the others left the camp, someone asked, "Old Chen, Uncle Xiong, who is this? Why is he so mysterious?"

Chen Xiong: "Oh! I don't know. Don't you know the rules of the island? Don't ask what you shouldn't ask."

After making these people give up the idea of getting information from him, Chen Xiong carefully considered what Han Fei told him. In fact, he didn't have to talk to him. They were just passers-by to each other.

However, he didn't think Han Fei was teasing him by saying that. Was there any point in teasing him?

Therefore, Chen Xiong thought for a moment and said lightly, "It seems that we have to move!"

After leaving the Distant Camp, Wang Xiaojiu and Huang Ergou were much more obedient than before, because they had heard too much news about Han Fei along the way.

He had killed nine Dao Proving Level powerhouses in a row, and even a Carefree Realm powerhouse had died by Han Fei's hands. When they first heard it, they were really shocked and couldn't believe it.

However, since so many people were talking about it, they had to believe it.

Han Fei asked, "How is it going?"

Wang Xiaojiu said, "I quickly sent the letter to Big Luoluo, but Big Luoluo kicked me out after reading it and didn't tell me anything, so I don't have any information to feed back to you."

Huang Ergou said, "Master Han Fei, it's the same on my side. Xiangxiang didn't give me much in return. When I went to the City of Scavengers, someone did find me when I arrived. After I gave the letter to him, he only said that he would arrange everything here."

Han Fei nodded. "OK."

Wang Xiaojiu asked, "Master Han Fei, I feel that you are planning big! What are you going to do? Can you tell us? We may be able to help you."

Han Fei grinned. "Well! I'm going to kill."

Wang Xiaojiu said, "I'm good at this. In the face of enemies, I, Wang Xiaojiu, will never show mercy."

However, Han Fei added, "I'm going to kill many, many people."

Dumbfounded, Huang Ergou asked, "How many is 'many, many'?"

Han Fei said, "Too many to count."

Wang Xiaojiu: "…"

Huang Ergou: "…"

Chaotic Wasteland.

The moment Han Fei stepped into the Chaotic Wasteland again, he couldn't help but sigh. Six hundred years had passed in the blink of an eye. This time, it was finally over.

"Xiaobai, Zhang Xuanyu, Kuangkuang, Xia Xiaochan… This is my destiny, not yours. So, don't blame me for starting the battle in advance. Just wish me good luck!"

City of Wanderers.

Above the ice palace, Duan Qingsi was reporting some information. She said, "Recently, the war in the Graveyard Battlefield has become more and more intense, and many of us have died. For some reason, I feel that the people from the City of Scavengers and the City of Origin have become more active in fighting. In just a hundred years, hundreds of people have opened the sky. Some of our actions seem to have been targeted. In just ten years, more than ten Sky Opening Realm powerhouses have died."

Gu Tingnan said lightly, "Some people think that their training speed is too slow, so they are actually still training."

Duan Qingsi frowned. "Training soldiers regardless of the consequences?"

Gu Tingnan said, "For these deep-rooted big forces, they don't care about the consequences. What they want is the results. If my guess is correct, the frequency of battles between the City of Scavengers and the City of Origin must have greatly increased."

Duan Qingsi nodded her head. "That's right! Do you mean that it has something to do with the northern expedition in the Infinite Mining Area? I know that guy went to the Infinite Mining Area, but no matter how big the incident in the Infinite Mining Area is, how can it have such a huge impact on the Chaotic Wasteland?"

Gu Tingnan said, "I'm afraid it's not that simple. That guy might indeed be more suitable to be the Human Emperor than me."


Duan Qingsi turned her head away. "Why? Because he's talented, or because he acts lawlessly? I know he inherited Puppet City, but can that city really completely change the situation in the Chaotic Wasteland?"

Gu Tingnan shook his head slightly. "Actually, he can already kill…"

Suddenly, Gu Tingnan's expression changed slightly. His gaze seemed to see through the void. He paused and said, "He's back."

"He's back?"

Duan Qingsi was shocked by what Gu Tingnan said. Although she refused to admit Han Fei's strength, it was because she had followed Gu Tingnan for a long time.

However, she knew how terrifying a huge city with hundreds of thousands of Sky Opening Realm puppets was. If the secrets behind the Chaotic Wasteland didn't surface, they naturally couldn't withstand the impact of such a huge city.

However, she was somewhat surprised. Did Han Fei really come back? He didn't even know the secrets behind the Chaotic Wasteland!

Gu Tingnan's leisure voice seemed to penetrate the endless sky. "Are you back?"

"I'm back."

In the next moment, someone stepped tens of thousands of kilometers away and quietly appeared outside the ice palace, avoiding the perception of almost everyone, including Duan Qingsi.


Duan Qingsi's face changed greatly, because she found that she could no longer see through Han Fei's strength.

Before, even when Han Fei returned from the Divine Capital Dynasty, he was already very strong, but he was actually only in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm. Even if he could kill a Peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator, she could still see through his strength.

However, how long had it been since they last met? Even she couldn't see through his strength. What did this mean?


In the next moment, Han Fei appeared next to Duan Qingsi. He looked at Duan Qingsi up and down and then smiled. "When I asked you about it, you kept it a secret. It turns out that you only have four Dao Locks! I thought you had five."

Duan Qingsi: "…"

However, unlike the last time, Gu Tingnan didn't wait inside to talk to Han Fei. This time, Han Fei's original body came, which was a symbol of strength. He was completely on the same level as Gu Tingnan.

Gu Tingnan said, "Duan Qingsi has fought countless battles in the past 100,000 years and was heavily wounded. Otherwise, she would have had five Dao Locks. She was injured for the sake of the human race. I heard that you've gained a lot this time. Why don't you help her?"

"I don't want it."

Duan Qingsi's face was slightly cold. In her heart, she certainly took sides with Gu Tingnan. And the ambiguous relationship between her and Gu Tingnan made her even more blind.

It was as if her man had been doing something noble and great. She definitely didn't want to admit that other men were better than her man.

Therefore, after Gu Tingnan said this, Duan Qingsi directly refused.

Han Fei, on the other hand, asked curiously, "Is there any hidden injury in this world that can't be healed with the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique? Why do you want me to heal her?"

Gu Tingnan said, "Although the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique is strong, it's not absolutely invincible. As for me, I'm only at the Dao Proving level. Some injuries are beyond my healing range."

Han Fei frowned. "You can't even cure it. Why don't you come to me… Fine."

Han Fei suddenly understood and then smiled. "Okay! I got it."

Han Fei opened his palm, and a drop of milky liquid with a rich breath appeared in his hand. There was only one thing that was beyond the healing ability of the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique and he happened to have,which was the Spring of Life.

Only the Spring of Life of the Heavenly Race could have such an effect. He only had ten drops of this Spring of Life, but now he had to take out one drop.

The reason was that Gu Tingnan said that Duan Qingsi had sacrificed a lot for the human race. If Han Fei wanted to be the Human Emperor, he would definitely help such a hero.

Furthermore, Han Fei had once joined forces with Duan Qingsi, and Duan Qingsi had indeed attacked a Dao Proving-Level powerhouse. He had seen all of this. Gu Tingnan knew it, so did Han Fei.

Therefore, Han Fei had to give this drop of the Spring of Life.

Duan Qingsi looked at the milky water droplet in Han Fei's hand. Although she didn't know what it was, the terrifying life energy contained in it shocked her.

This time, Duan Qingsi was about to refuse, when Han Fei snapped his fingers and sent the Spring of Life into Duan Qingsi's body with Sword Two, the Primordial Dao Sword. Duan Qingsi was shocked to find that she couldn't even fight back.

"Is this guy already so strong?"

At that moment, Duan Qingsi was enveloped by white light. It was also the first time Han Fei had seen the power of the Spring of Life. Such a terrifying life force shocked Han Fei. As expected of the thing that Chu Hao had been coveting, and even Senior Brother Azure Dragon only asked for ten drops of this treasure.

Han Fei could clearly see that in the enshrouded white light, occasionally some red cracks were repaired. Those were the hidden wounds of Duan Qingsi, the kind that even the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique couldn't cure.

Seeing this scene, Gu Tingnan smiled faintly. "As expected of the Spring of Life. Such rich and majestic life force and such terrifying foundational repair power. It's really a waste for a Sky Opener to use it. Unfortunately, without this treasure, Duan Qingsi won't be able to get five Dao Locks in her life and it will be difficult for her to become a Monarch."

Han Fei said, "She doesn't have to have five Dao Locks to prove Dao."

Gu Tingnan raised his hand and made an inviting gesture as he said, "That's true, but a heavy injury to her foundation will definitely affect her Dao Proving."

Ignoring Duan Qingsi who was recovering, the two of them came into the room and sat opposite each other.

Gu Tingnan glanced at the rod in Han Fei's hand and said, "He wants to listen too?"

"Well, it's fine."

Han Fei loosened his hand and nodded slightly. Liu Qiansi turned into a humanoid tree and stood behind Han Fei. As a Dao Proving-Level cultivator, she was not interested in Gu Tingnan, but Han Fei asked him to pretend to be a stick along the way.

Gu Tingnan looked at Liu Qiansi up and down and then said, "Ask away! Even if it's for the sake of this favor, I will answer all your questions this time."

Han Fei didn't ask directly. Instead, he smiled casually. "Since I'm back, the war has started. You should have thought about this battle countless times, but you didn't expect me to start it."

Gu Tingnan said, "I'm just curious. Why do you think you can fight this battle?"

Han Fei said, "I'll have to ask you some questions before I know if I can fight this battle."

Without hesitation, Han Fei asked, "I want to know where the strong masters in the Chaotic Wasteland are, how many of them are there, whether there are any Great Monarchs, whether these people can come back, and how many of them can come back…"

Only today did Han Fei have the confidence to ask this question.

Gu Tingnan said, "I think you should have guessed it. Above the ice, there is indeed a mysterious place. It's not easy to go to that place, nor is it easy to return. The condition to go there is that one has to at least enter the Star Transformation Realm before there's a 30% chance of getting there. Of course, the stronger one is, the higher the success rate of getting there. When one reaches the Perfection Star Transformation Realm, there's a 90% success rate. In that place, they can obtain power, which can accelerate their growth, and their chances of proving Dao will greatly increase."

Han Fei asked, "What if they want to come back?"

Gu Tingnan said, "It's not easy to come back. You need strong masters to break through the barrier before you can send them back. However, it's not absolute. You should have seen it in the Infinite Mining Area. The City of Scavengers and the City of Origin can send nearly a hundred Perfected Star Transformation Realm powerhouses back at the same time. This means that the strong masters there are strong enough to break through the barrier. One of the reasons why our City of Wanderers can survive here is that they need a force to train their soldiers."

Han Fei said, "That's not all, is it? There must be a strong master behind the City of Wanderers, right? This person must exist, but I don't know how strong he is. I guess you must have pledged allegiance to that person. Otherwise, the City of Scavengers and the City of Origin can also train each other's soldiers. There's no need for the City of Wanderers to appear and create a tripartite situation."

Gu Tingnan smiled. "Yes, this person does exist. The City of Wanderers exists because in the place above the ice, it's also a tripartite situation."

Han Fei's pupils were constricted slightly. Did it mean that that person was very strong and could contend with the real power of the City of Scavengers and the City of Origin?

This made more sense.

Han Fei asked, "Why did this person choose you?"

"I don't know."

Han Fei asked, "So, the City of Wanderers is also sending strong masters there?"

Gu Tingnan said, "There aren't many of them, but there are. Duan Qingsi and the others have been with me for too long and don't want to go there."

Gu Tingnan continued, "That depends on how confident you are of taking down the Chaotic Wasteland. I know that you have a puppet city with nearly 200,000 soldiers in the Sky Opening Realm. It's said that the strength of those puppets is mostly in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm and perfected Star Transformation Realm, right?"


Gu Tingnan shook his head. "To be honest, the number is enough, but the strength is not."

Han Fei frowned. "So I need to know the level of strength over there. How many Monarchs and enemies are there in that damn place?"

Gu Tingnan said, "I don't know. You must've killed those who came back. Their memories have been cut off, so we can't know the situation over there from their memories. The communication between here and there is unilateral. It's not that it can't go both ways, but for unknown reasons, no information is allowed to be sent back from there. Only information from here can be received."

Han Fei said, "If that's the case, doesn't it mean that as long as we solve the problem quickly, we can quickly wipe out the forces of the City of Scavengers and City of Origin? Then as long as we run away with our people, they won't have a place to chase us?"

Gu Tingnan shook his head. "No, they can be quite mobile after receiving the information. From the ice to here, if the situation is urgent, it will be very fast. The reason this situation hasn't happened is that the power to quickly sweep the two cities like you said hasn't appeared in the Chaotic Wasteland for the time being. If they know of your existence now, a war will immediately break out in the Chaotic Wasteland, and the destruction of the City of Wanderers will almost be inevitable. This is because they won't allow such a power to exist."

Han Fei asked, "So, you don't know what kind of power the other party has?"

Gu Tingnan said, "No, but I have some guesses."