The ice instantly covered the inside of the plastic bag with a thick layer of ice. And Theo took this chance to appear right inside the plastic bag with his Blink before hitting the ice with his fist.

Induction Fist!

The Magic Power around his fist spread and crushed the ice, including the frozen plastic, allowing Theo to approach the shark.

The sharp seemed to be ready to take him on. But Theo sped up their entire clash by shrinking the Reality between them, making them move toward each other.

"!!!" The shark wasn't prepared for the sudden shrink because Theo had only used that ability to expand reality, not the other way around.

Seeing his enemy was taken aback, Theo activated his Alter Ego and increased his Strength to the maximum.

"!!!" The shark felt the change in Theo's body and hurriedly formed a huge ball outside his body.


The fist struck the ball, creating a huge shock wave that even blew away humans and monsters at the same time. But due to the Reality that kept shrinking, the force from Theo's punch didn't launch the plastic ball.

And due to being stuck in one's place, all the force within that fist was transferred completely to the ball and cracked.

With just a simple push from Theo, the plastic ball shattered into pieces.

Theo hurriedly grabbed the shark's real body to kill it. However, the shark's body was made of hard glass as well. Unless he could release another punch like the one from earlier, he doubted he could destroy the shark's body.

At the same time, the shark's huge plastic body moved back while trying to grab Theo with its plastic hands.

Theo furrowed his eyebrows, wondering how to take this monster down. The World Class Monster before him had a unique ability and a powerful defense. He didn't think much about his attack power since the shark didn't seem to have that powerful attack that could harm him.

But if he continued fighting this way, the shark would be able to turn around the situation because of his unbreakable body and enormous Magic Power.

"…" Theo clicked his tongue and used his Blink to escape the plastic's grasp.

'His ability is truly weird. This is the first time I have seen an ability like this… The plastic doesn't seem to be that dangerous with my current power, but it's extremely sturdy. I won't be able to kill this guy without taking a risk myself.' Theo muttered inwardly while observing the shark.

Although the humans had gained momentum due to his sudden appearance, the monsters had an overwhelming number to their advantage. The momentum they had gained would disappear sooner or later, so they could lose this battle if they took it too long, especially since the support from the headquarters would be exhausted at that time.

This might be the real reason why they sent this shark to him. Not only was his ability unique, but he could also stall Theo for a long time.

The only thing he was afraid of right now was the appearance of the second saint. So, Theo had to find a way to catch him off guard and end his life, allowing him to help the army to kill the rest of the monsters.

"…" Theo maintained his silence this whole time while the shark kept trying to crush him.

'It seems the plan is working.' The lobster watched the fight and was secretly pleased. He had already known about the battle plan. They were to trick Theo and stall him for as long as they could while the rest continued crushing the humans.

However, he didn't expect there would be a strong King among the humans. He had some confidence in his strength as well, but all his power was destroyed by this man's fists.

The same applied to Rea and the others. They were in a stalemate. Due to the power up from Alexa, they managed to have equal power to the starfish and they were trying to catch the starfish off guard to finish him off.

However, the starfish was more resilient. Just like the shark, he had a strong defense, not allowing a single wound on his body. The only thing he could do right now was to exhaust all his energy to stop these three.

As people said in the past, this war wasn't a battle between monsters and humans. Instead, this was a battle between two intelligent races. There were tricks in their move, trying to get the best result in this battle.

And Theo had caught that intention. He was just struggling to break free from this trap.

"It seems you have planned thoroughly this time. Lead the monsters? Attack the humans? No. Your job is to stall me." Theo's expression became cold.

"As expected of humanity's most talented man. However, no matter what you say and do, you won't be able to beat me until we accomplish our mission." The man smirked.

Theo narrowed his eyes and muttered inwardly, 'Hmm… I can still use my Alter Ego for about twelve seconds, and I still have ninety percent of my Magic Power. Should I play along with his plan or…'

A smile suddenly appeared on Theo's face as if he had already seen the path to kill this monster.

"In that case, I'll be the one to destroy your plan." Theo smirked and summoned his Death Avatar.

Death Avatar Fourth Authority, Death Descent.

Suddenly, numerous red threats came out of the monster's body, showing the path to kill him.

"This is…" The World Class Monster was confused for a bit and tried to use his power to deal with this weird power, but to no avail. When he took a closer look, he realized that a few threats were leading to his known weaknesses. In that instant, he realized what these threads' purposes were.

The World Class Monster hurriedly formed many fan blades around him. They started spinning and flying to Theo. "Die!"

Theo smiled and used his Blink to appear next to the shark while swinging his blade. "No, you die!"