"!!!" Theo widened his eyes in shock, looking around. He tried to spread his Awareness to check the situation, but the dimmed light caused a blackout in the entire place.

"This is?" Theo muttered in a low voice. He couldn't see anything in this pitch darkness. And the area worked like his Death Avatar's Third Authority, Death Domain. It completely blocked off Awareness.

He thought Theodon would be able to find him in this darkness. So, he hurriedly used his Death Avatar and used the Death Domain. At the very least, he could block Theodon's Awareness as well if he wasn't affected by this darkness ability.

'What is this?' The more he was pressured by Theodon, the calmer he became. After all, it was clear that Theodon was getting more and more serious against him. It felt like an achievement instead.

Theo smiled.

'In this situation, there are a few possibilities. The first was a barrier that blocks all light. I have this kind of ability too, but I have to find him first. As for the second possibility, I'm afraid that we're being teleported to another place.

'He has a Space Element, so it's clear that he can utilize the space better than me. What I'm worried about in this situation is the place where we are right now. Depending on the location, it will bring danger to me.

'As for the other possibilities…' Theo fell silent. The two he mentioned were the possibilities with the highest probability.

Theo focused on his instinct. Although his Awareness and eyes had been sealed by this ability, he still had the instinct he had honed for a decade on the battlefield.

So, he had to see what Theodon had prepared for him, understand it, and probably try to copy it.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light on the left side.

"!!!" Theo could sense the Magic Power fluctuation on that light as he hurriedly jumped back to get some distance to react.

Suddenly, that light flew straight at him like that of a beam.

Theo waved his sword, releasing the sword strike that suddenly expanded like what the Sniper Rifle's bullet had earlier.

The shield blocked the mysterious light, albeit it couldn't brighten the darkness before it died two seconds after the explosion.

"…" Theo sighed. 'I have seen my original body's power that changes the day into the night. And it can affect a huge area. Is this power also affecting the entire land? Or is it just a small barrier?'

Theo gulped down. After thinking about the pros and cons, Theo hurriedly turned around and headed in one direction with the help of his Alter Ego. Even Theodon shouldn't be able to catch up with his speed.

Theo crossed a quarter mile easily, but to his surprise, he couldn't find anything. The buildings that were supposed to stop him, the uneven ground, and the edge of the barrier.

In other words, the entire area was being affected or Theodon actually transported them to a different place.

"Tsk." Theo clicked his tongue and felt a few dangerous feelings from his surroundings. He turned around and saw multiple white lights.

Theo took a deep breath and prepared to slash them one by one. After blocking an attack earlier, he managed to find out about their characteristics.

He knew he could cut these lights down.

Without hesitation, the moment those lights were shot, Theo waved his sword and sliced the lights in rapid succession.

However, he soon felt another threat coming from the right side, but there was no light coming. He followed his instinct and ducked down.

In that instant, he felt there was something flying near him. He narrowed his eyes, realizing Theodon was mixing some black bullets to attack him.

Theo narrowed his eyes. Even though this realm was said to be his greatest technique, he didn't feel anything ordinary.

Though, Theo couldn't help but worry, feeling something bad was going to happen. And that feeling was growing in his heart as time passed.

"…" Theo thought of a plan to see what was going on. When the lights started to appear again, Theo clapped his hands, giving Light Elements to the Magic Power around him. In that instant, his place was glowing dimly.

It wasn't enough to cover the entire area, but it should be enough to see everything around him.

Unfortunately, when he checked the lights, it turned out those attacks were formed like his Magic Bullets. Even the black bullets only had a change of color.

There was no sign of Theodon in sight, making Theo confused.

'What's going on here…' Theo was worried that Theodon was using this darkness to prepare an ultimate attack. That should be the reason why he felt threatened from somewhere.

Still, Theo couldn't find a way to illuminate the entire area. After all, this pitch darkness Theodon created was suppressing the light itself.

Theo was producing a light earlier, but he felt that the light was dimmer than he expected. So, he knew the ability was far greater, but it just hadn't released its full potential yet.

He had to try another method to illuminate the area.

'No, wait. I don't need to illuminate the area. There is another method that I can use." He smiled.

As soon as he saw the lights appearing again. Theo waved his hand and expanded the Reality. But instead of expanding to the outside, he was expanding to the inside, creating an illusion that he was forming a black hole in the middle and sucking everything inside.

The lights soon moved toward the center and fused. Due to the conflicting energy between the white and black ones, they exploded.


Theo narrowed his eyes while scanning the area. The explosion caused a big spark that illuminated the area for a split second.

But even though he had expanded his field of vision three times the previous one, he couldn't find a single clue about Theodon's existence.

This made Theo even more suspicious. There was something wrong, but he couldn't find it.