"World Re-Creation!"

"!!!" The slime was startled by the change that the God of Mischief brought upon this world.

Suddenly, the ground started to flip as if it was revealing its true appearance. The sky split and everyone started to disappear one by one as if they never existed.

The slime felt the connection he had with his army was cut forcefully as if they were not in the same world anymore.

He never thought that there would be someone this strong that could affect him to this degree.

His Authority had been trying to dissolve the illusion, but to his surprise, he had a hard time doing it as if this entire place was real the whole time.

He knew that this was an illusion, but the God of Mischief's illusion was so perfect that it looked like reality itself.

"…" The slime realized that the entire world had changed. The environment was exactly the same, but there was nothing around them. There was no monster, no human, and even no object like rocks or trees. It was a flat area with only dirt supporting them.

The Heavenly Sovereign glanced at the God of Mischief, thinking, 'I would have been shocked as well if he didn't show it to me back then…'

The Heavenly Sovereign remembered when the God of Mischief used the same ability to show him the illusion that could isolate the slime.

"This is…" The Heavenly Sovereign gasped. He didn't feel the change in the primordial energy or the element. Everything looked perfect to the point he believed this was a new world that the God of Mischief managed to create.

Yet, the God of Mischief said, "This is an isolated place that can withstand the slime's power for a while. I have to supply a lot of Magic Power to maintain all of this, so we have to go all out for the next fifteen minutes after I erect this space."

"Fifteen minutes…" The Heavenly Sovereign looked down. "It's impossible to take down the slime within fifteen minutes. But we should be able to cause some injuries on the slime. Though, there's no telling whether the slime is injured or not."

"That's what I'm planning to do. I know it's impossible to take down the slime within the time limit. However, by going all out, we can learn the slime's attack pattern as well as its weakness. We'll use that information to fight him after this place is gone."


The Heavenly Sovereign remembered the words they exchanged. He should focus on his job.

By releasing all of his Magic Power, the Heavenly Sovereign could start to manipulate the elements in the entire area. He was the ruler of elements after all.

The Heavenly Sovereign smiled. "It's time to fight against the strongest monster in the world. Let me see whether the slime deserves its reputation."

While the Heavenly Sovereign and the God of Mischief contained the slime within the isolated space, the people from the base had begun to make their move.

Agata looked at the screen with a serious expression, observing the entire situation.

"Each Saint has found their opponent. There are several Saints who seem to have the advantage over their opponents and we are expecting them to finish their fight as soon as possible." Nella reported to Agata.

Agata nodded. "Are you sure you are going to stay here with me? I mean, you don't seem to be the type that will remain quiet when there's a big battle over there."

Nella shook her head. "I won't deny it, but I have a more important mission from Big Brother Theo. My priority is to keep you safe so that he can fight on the frontline without any worry. If my little strength can help someone like him, I think I have done my job."

Agata made a small smile. She knew Nella's personality. And it was true that among Theo's trusted subordinates, the only person suited for this task was Nella. Although it would mean they were restraining her, they had to do it.

"I understand." Agata took a deep breath as her expression became serious again. "What about the Transcendent Level Experts?"

"We are currently lacking in numbers. Each Transcendent Level Expert is fighting four or more King Class Monsters. Obviously, some of them are at a huge disadvantage, considering their strength is a bit too low.

"Luckily, a lot of King Class Monsters had a similar power. It meant they came from a World Class Monster that had been split into a few. Although they were strong, they wouldn't be as strong as a real King Class Monster."

Agata thought for a moment. "How about the unique monsters?"

"Although our people are at a disadvantage, we have gained a lot of experience in handling the unique monsters. In other words, we should be able to regain our ground soon.

"The enemy number is quite huge, but we won't be annihilated in an instant. The pope is working with a lot of Healers to take care of the injured. Even Aisha is there, helping the pope."

Agata looked down with a serious expression while muttering, "There are about four hundred thousand monsters attacking us directly… twice our number. Still, we have the pope who can heal thousands, if not tens of thousands. So, we should be able to somehow overcome the battle."

"Yes. All we can do is react to what they throw at us." Nella suddenly fell silent when she found out something was missing from the screen.

"!!!" Nella widened her eyes in shock as she immediately reported to Agata. "The slime has disappeared!"

"!!!" Agata seemed to be startled as well. Theo had told her about a certain sign and this was the time to make their next move. Agata asked, "How about the area around the base?"

"As we expected, the enemies were hiding this whole time and finally decided to strike us from the west, south, and east."

Agata nodded with a serious expression. "In that case, it's time. Deploy the relief squad."