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Chapter 2779: Nervous

Since Feng Wu didn’t deny it, Chen Ziyun knew he was right. Feng Wu really was the fiancee.

It only made Chen Ziyun feel more conflicted. He didn’t know how he should react.

Feng Wu asked, “Was it Feng Xun?”

Chen Ziyun said, “Not directly. I guessed it myself.”

Feng Wu said, “In that case, pretend you don’t know anything. I want to keep it to myself.”

She suddenly frowned and looked to the right.

Countless black dots were moving toward them.

Chen Ziyun was perplexed. “What’s going on? Why do you look so serious?”

She didn’t just look serious; she had already drawn out her sword.

“Get ready for battle.”

She turned to her right after that.

Behind them was a spacious clearing that was perfect for a battle.

“Ready for battle? With Spirit Stone Worms? Where are they?” Chen Ziyun didn’t sense anything.

He had a very acute sixth sense, and he had always depended on it on the battlefield.

As soon as he asked those questions, his stomach lurched.

He was getting the creepy feeling that only appeared in life-or-death situations.

He involuntarily followed Feng Wu’s gaze.

When he saw what was coming, his heart raced and his pupils contracted.

Spirit Stone Worms!

They were coming!

There were so many of them!

How many were there?

At first, he thought there were hundreds of them.

But soon, he realized there had to be thousands of worms.

“What are you waiting for? Run!”

He grabbed Feng Wu’s hand and wanted to drag her away.

He thought, “Did she freeze at the sight of the Spirit Stone Worms? Why is she just standing there?”

He soon lost hope.


They could only move forward or backward.

The road ahead was packed with Spirit Stone Worms, and he could sense worms behind them as well.

It was incredible!

He soon saw another group of Spirit Stone Worms rushing toward them from another direction.

There were at least thousands of them.

The worms in the front were Level 8 Spiritual Lords, and the Spiritual Kings were probably in the rear.

Chen Ziyun’s heart sank when he saw both exits blocked by Spirit Stone Worms.

This is the end…

I’m going to die here!

He tried to shield Feng Wu behind him. However, he soon realized it was impossible because there were Spirit Stone Worms everywhere.

Chen Ziyun shouted into his armband, “Elder Wu! Elder Wu! Help!”

Elder Wu frowned. “What?”

Chen Ziyun said, “Spirit Stone Worms! So many of them!”

Elder Wu said, “I’ll be right there.”

The seeded team had its privileges.

They were the only people who were granted privileges, and the school allocated them more resources.

“Captain Chen, what’s going on?”

“How many Spirit Stone Worms are there? Why are you panicking?”

“Where are you now? I’ll come to you!”

Chen Ziyun gritted his teeth as he saw the worms rushing toward them from both sides. “Don’t come here! You’ll get killed! Sun Yu, if we die, you’re the next captain. Lead Dynasty Team and defeat our opponent! Understood?”

Was he leaving his last words?

The other teammates became nervous.