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Chapter 2780: Glory (1)

“Captain Chen!”


“Brother Chen!”

All his teammates freaked out because they didn’t know what was going on.

From what they knew about Chen Ziyun, he wouldn’t have asked for help unless he was in serious danger.

Qiu Zeyu was the only one who was excited to hear the news.

Chen Ziyun was with Feng Wu, which meant Feng Wu should be in danger as well. Qiu Zeyu felt today was his lucky day. His enemy was going to die before he needed to do anything.

Of course, he didn’t show that emotion on his face and still appeared worried like everybody else.

Chen Ziyun regretted bringing Feng Wu here.


“If I had known how dangerous it would be, I would never have brought you into the Secret Essence Mine.” Chen Ziyun gritted his teeth. “Don’t worry. I promise I’ll save you, and I won’t disappoint you!

“I’ll stall the Spirit Stone Worms and kill a way out of here. You just run as fast as you can. Once Elder Wu gets here, you’ll be safe.”

Feng Wu glanced at him. “What about you?”

Chen Ziyun smiled bitterly. “Me? I’ve worked so hard, but I’m going to die here. It’s not the end I was waiting for. I disappointed His Royal Highness last year. I don’t want to disappoint him again this year.”

Feng Wu asked, “Disappointed him?”

Chen Ziyun said, “Yes. We lost the competition against the Martial Arts Team last year. We thought we could turn things around this year, but now…”

He was the strongest member on his team. When he died, his team would lose all hope.

“My only regret is I haven’t led Dynasty Team to victory and regained our dignity!” Chen Ziyun said gravely.

The Spirit Stone Worms were almost on them.

“Remember what I said. I’ll open a way for you, then…”

However, Feng Wu charged out before Chen Ziyun could finish.

Little Phoenix looked at the worms as if they were pets. It asked, “Shall I pee on you, too?”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes and charged at the worms.

“Fallen Star Sword!

“Ground Control!


With each word, her power grew a little.


After the last word, her energy covered an area within a 100m-range.


Blood filled the air like a mist.

It obscured Chen Ziyun’s vision.

The air smelt like blood as well.

He was dumbfounded.

He had been shocked when Feng Wu charged out. She had activated her skills before he could do anything.

Blood was everywhere before Chen Ziyun could reach Feng Wu.

The worms’ heads rolled on the ground, the confused expressions on their faces the same as Chen Ziyun’s own expression.

The ground looked like it had been paved with minced meat.

Crystal cores piled up like a small hill.

The Spirit Stone Worms in the distance froze. They couldn’t decide whether to flee or to attack.

Chen Ziyun finally realized what had happened.

He stared at Feng Wu in amazement.

In her red dress, she stood in the middle of the dead worms. There was something untouchable about her beauty.

Chen Ziyun felt she was as glorious as the goddess of the sun!