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Chapter 2781: Glory (2)

“You…” Chen Ziyun ran to Feng Wu’s side, walked around her and stared at her in disbelief. “You… You…”

Feng Wu’s tone was unperturbed. “Pick them up.”

What? Chen Ziyun looked at her in confusion.

Feng Wu glanced at the crystal cores. “I don’t want to step on them.”

Chen Ziyun finally realized what she was talking about.

Feng Wu was telling him to pick up all the crystal cores.

Before Chen Ziyun could react, Feng Wu charged at the worms again.

She exerted more power this time and killed even more Spirit Stone Worms.

Chen Ziyun didn’t know what to say.

After the initial astonishment, he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.


He realized he was the freeloader now.

The captain of the seeded team was depending on a girl who had been considered a good-for-nothing.

Chen Ziyun looked up and saw Elder Wu a few steps away.

Apparently, Elder Wu had been standing there watching Feng Wu for a while.

Just then, Chen Ziyun’s armband beeped.

“Captain, where are you?”

“Are you still alive?”

Chen Ziyun snapped, “Yes, I’m still breathing!”

“What about Feng Wu? Is she alive? Did you keep her safe?”

Keep her safe?

Chen Ziyun looked into the distance. The girl seemed so fragile that she might be made of glass, but she was killing Spirit Stone Worms one row at a time.

Spirit Stone Worms might be the team’s opponent, but to Feng Wu, they were only for training.


Chen Ziyun looked more closely and saw that Feng Wu had been using the same stance over and over again.

She was using the Spirit Stone Worms to train her stance.

“Boss, is Feng Wu still alive?”

Chen Ziyun snapped, “Of course she is! She can’t be any more alive!”


He ended the conversation after that.

When he looked up again, Elder Wu was nowhere to be found.

He only saw Feng Wu.

“Why did you stop?” Chen Ziyun felt conflicted because he still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Feng Wu was an extremely capable cultivator.

Feng Wu shrugged. “They’ve all run off. Where are we with the crystal cores?”

Spirit Stone Worms fed on spiritual stones, and the crystal cores they produced had even higher concentrations of spiritual essence.

Chen Ziyun looked at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu asked, “What?”

Chen Ziyun asked, “Are you even human?”

Feng Wu frowned. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Chen Ziyun said, “No ordinary human being could have done that! How did you manage to complete your mission so fast?!”

Feng Wu asked, “Have I killed 4,0000 already?”

Chen Ziyun stared at her. “You killed 4,000 worms in such a short time! That’s so scary!”

Feng Wu cleared her throat. “I lost count.”

Chen Ziyun closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he exhaled.

Some people were born to induce envy. Jun Linyuan was one of those people, and so was Feng Wu.

Chen Ziyun finally accepted the cruel reality.

After that, he began to see Feng Wu in a different light. He worshiped her now.

“Feng Wu, you’re incredible! No wonder you agreed to Elder Wu’s request. You’re already a Spiritual King!”