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Chapter 2783: New Way Out (1)

“When this kept happening, it left a crack in his dantian. His spiritual essence will leak whenever he starts to cultivate. Of course he can’t rise to the Spiritual King stage.”

Feng Wu asked, “Is there a way to fix it?”

Little Phoenix said, “The spirit wine. Let him drink it, and his dantian will heal. He’ll become a Spiritual King in no time.”

Meanwhile, Chen Ziyun was still analyzing things for Feng Wu. “After me, there’s Sun Yu. He still has a long way to go before he can become a Spiritual King.

“Sheng Changtian is the Military College’s team leader. He’s a Spiritual King. Another member is also somewhere between a Spiritual Lord and a Spiritual King. His name is Lu Haobei.

“Before you came, we were bound to lose the competition. Now that you’re here, we won’t lose so miserably. At least we’ll have the power to put up a fight.”

Feng Wu was perplexed. “Are you sure we’ll lose?”

Chen Ziyun nodded solemnly. “It’s the truth. I already know it. I just hope we won’t lose too quickly.”

Feng Wu chuckled. “I thought you wanted to win.”

Chen Ziyun said, “I do, but that won’t happen.”

Feng Wu said, “You can do it.”

Chen Ziyun smiled wryly.

He had told Feng Wu what the other team was like. Spiritual Lords could never defeat Spiritual Kings.

Feng Wu rose to her feet. “Let’s go.”

Chen Ziyun asked, “Where to?”

Feng Wu looked at Chen Ziyun. “We’re going to a place that’ll make you a Spiritual King.”

Chen Ziyun couldn’t believe it. He was feeling miserable, but the girl was still teasing him.

However, he was glad to have a Spiritual King on his team.

Their opponent had two, so having one on their side wasn’t a bad idea.

Chen Ziyun suddenly stopped Feng Wu.

“We’re already out of the 10km-area,” he said sternly.

Feng Wu said, “I know.”

Chen Ziyun said, “Do you know how important you are? We can’t afford to lose you! We need to turn around immediately!”

Feng Wu said, “Relax. No Spirit Stone Worm can hurt me.”

Chen Ziyun stared at her. “Yes, but that’s only limited to the ordinary ones. What if there are worms of higher levels?

“The Spirit Stone Worms you killed were filtered by Elder Wu beforehand!

“We’re safe within the 10km-radius. Once we’re out of that circle, we’ll be dead if we run into high-level Spirit Stone Worms!”

Chen Ziyun was nagging, when Feng Wu threw something into his hand.

It looked like a pouch and smelled funny.

“What’s this?” Chen Ziyun was perplexed.

Feng Wu said, “It’ll allow you to move around freely in this mine.”

It was what had enabled Ye Hongxue and the others to leave the mine safely.

Chen Ziyun asked, “What’s inside?”

He wanted to open it.

Feng Wu glanced at him and warned him, “I wouldn’t open it if I were you.”

Chen Ziyun was even more confused, but he listened to Feng Wu and didn’t open the pouch.

What confused him even more was that Feng Wu was right. They never met another worm, be it a low- or high-level one.