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Chapter 2786: Spiritual King (1)

Chen Ziyun stared at Feng Wu. “Are you saying the stench can help me become a Spiritual King?”

Feng Wu said, “You’ll know in a minute.”

Chen Ziyun found the girl too whimsical to follow around.

However, she was the only Spiritual King on the team, and he had no choice but to follow her around.

“How strange.” Something occurred to Chen Ziyun. “We haven’t run into any more Spirit Stone Worms.”

Feng Wu said, “That’s right.”

Chen Ziyun said, “Are the Spirit Stone Worms avoiding you?”

Feng Wu asked, “Are they?”

Chen Ziyun thought about the possibility.

It was only a blind guess at first, but when he thought about it, he realized it was true.

Not only didn’t they have to fight any Spirit Stone Worms, the worms would also run away from them.

That was why their journey had been so uneventful.

“Are they really running away from you?” Chen Ziyun stared at Feng Wu in astonishment.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Chen Ziyun sighed. “You’re incredible…”

Feng Wu said, “Not necessarily…”

Chen Ziyun heard some noise just then.

He turned around and was astonished.

“Spirit Stone Worms!”

Only a second ago, he thought the worms were running away from Feng Wu.

However, that theory had just been proven wrong.

“Worms! They’re coming our way!” Chen Ziyun’s voice trembled.

He wasn’t a timid man. In fact, having fought in Peace Grassland, nothing could scare Chen Ziyun anymore.

However, what he saw was incredible.

They were in one of the many passageways, and behind them were countless tunnels.

Spirit Stone Worms were rushing out of all the tunnels.

They were all coming toward Chen Ziyun and Feng Wu.

Even more were coming.

Everywhere he looked, there were more worms than he could count. It was so frightening.

Chen Ziyun grabbed Feng Wu’s arm. “Spiritual Kings… So many of them are Spiritual Kings…”

How could Chen Ziyun not be frightened?

A single worm would crush him.

Yes, Feng Wu was capable.


She might be able to fight off one or two worms, but what about ten or twenty?

There were far more than ten Spiritual King Worms.

“Why is this happening?” Chen Ziyun shuddered. “Why are there so many high-level Spirit Stone Worms? Are all the capable worms in the mine here?”

Feng Wu was amazed as well. The worms shouldn’t have all gathered here.

Little Phoenix could see what was happening in other parts of the mine, so it told Feng Wu, “It’s your enemy’s doing.”

Feng Wu asked, “My enemy? Who?”

Little Phoenix snapped, “Who else in this mine would consider you an enemy?”

“Zuo Qingluan?” Feng Wu frowned.

“That’s right.” Little Phoenix chuckled. “I didn’t see this coming. How interesting.”

Feng Wu asked, “What do you mean?”

Little Phoenix said, “She knows you’re here, so she has chased all the Spiritual King Worms in this direction. She wants to use the worms to kill you.”

Feng Wu frowned. “How does she know where I am?”

Little Phoenix said impatiently, “You’ve underestimated Firmament Palace.”