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Chapter 2791: Confrontation (3)

“We should be equally talented, but you were better than me in every way! Your level was always higher, you were better-looking, and you were good at everything from formations to inscriptions!

“We didn’t want to kill you, but you asked for it. We didn’t have a choice.”

Feng Wu smiled, “You’ve omitted the most important reason, haven’t you?”

Zuo Qingluan stared at her. “What?”

Feng Wu said, “It’s Jun Linyuan, isn’t it?”

Chen Ziyun thought he was going to faint from the foul smell, but his spirit was lifted when he heard the name.

Jun Linyuan?

His Royal Highness?

Why was the crown prince involved?

He immediately turned the Spiritual Fossil Stone toward Zuo Qingluan to record this precious scene.


His heart was thumping with excitement.

Zuo Qingluan stared at Feng Wu. “You’re not allowed to mention his name!”

Feng Wu smiled at Zuo Qingluan. “You never thought that the annulment of our engagement would be stopped at the last moment, did you?”

Her smile infuriated Zuo Qingluan.

“Yes!” Zuo Qingluan admitted it. “I ruined your reputation so that the royal family would reject you as a daughter-in-law. However, they didn’t do that, so I had to destroy your True Phoenix Blood. You made me do it!”

Feng Wu said, “I never made you do anything. You were trying to take what didn’t belong to you.”

Zuo Qingluan said, “I know you have to fight for it if you want something!”

Feng Wu said, “By ‘fight for it,’ you mean taking it by fair means or foul.”

Zuo Qingluan said, “At least I made your life miserable, didn’t I?”

Feng Wu took a deep breath.

Zuo Qingluan said, “At first, I thought you would die after losing the True Phoenix Blood. It was careless of me.

“I never thought you would survive. Feng Wu, you’re so lucky.”

Feng Wu stared at Zuo Qingluan. The emotion in her eyes was as powerful as a hurricane.

She hadn’t died, but her survival had been at the cost of her beautiful master.

That thought made her want to tear Zuo Qingluan to pieces.

Even if she could revive her beautiful master in the end, he had still missed five beautiful years in her life.

Zuo Qingluan laughed when she saw Feng Wu’s rage.

“When I knew you had survived, I went to see you in the Feng family,” Zuo Qingluan said condescendingly.

“I was going to kill you and finish this nonsense for good, but what did I see? Feng Liu was picking on you.”

Zuo Qingluan laughed. “Feng Liu used to follow you like a dog. She would lick the bottom of your shoes. After you lost your ability, she whipped you.

“And she did the same to your brother and mother. She bullied your family whenever she could and even poisoned your food. I was thrilled to see that.

“I thought there and then that I should keep you alive. I would miss so much fun if you were dead. With you around, I could see you getting bullied when I felt like it, and it would keep me happy for some time. How wonderful that would be!”