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Chapter 2794: Defeat (2)

Zuo Qingluan was dumbfounded.

Caught off guard, she was covered by feces.

She looked down and saw that her pretty clothes were stained yellow.

Her hair was dirty as well.

She sniffed and recognized the smell…


She threw up.

It was gross.

The idea of what was on her clothes and hair made her want to pass out.

“Feng Wu! I’m going to kill you!”


Zuo Qingluan wasn’t so angry before, but now, she was beyond furious.

Her spiritual essence surged, and her eyes glowed with hatred.

Spiritual Kings could be very scary when they lost control.

Feng Wu smirked.

She had deliberately forced Zuo Qingluan into this state.

Although Zuo Qingluan wasn’t the noblest person, she was still very capable. It wouldn’t be easy to find loopholes in her stances.

Fighting her the ordinary way would be disadvantageous for Feng Wu.

That was why she had enraged Zuo Qingluan on purpose.

She needed to push Zuo Qingluan into making mistakes.

After all, someone as proud as Zuo Qingluan would never stand being covered by feces.

Feng Wu had carefully chosen this spot.

Zuo Qingluan had no idea how elaborate this plan was. She took the bait and walked into Feng Wu’s trap.

She was furious.

Her eyes were bloodshot red, and blue veins popped on her forehead.


She kept attacking Feng Wu.

All her stances were killing moves.

Feng Wu ran so fast that she seemed to be wearing wheels. Zuo Qingluan couldn’t even grab her clothes to catch her.

“Feng Wu! Stop right there!” Zuo Qingluan shouted.

Feng Wu stuck out her tongue. “Catch me if you can!”

When Elder Wu found them by sensing the fluctuations of their spiritual essence, he saw the state the two girls were in.

Feng Wu was perfectly calm.

Zuo Qingluan was the one who was losing control.

Elder Wu was speechless.

He shouted, “Stop! Both of you!”

Feng Wu sighed inwardly when she saw Elder Wu. What a shame.

Elder Wu couldn’t have picked a worse time.

She had finally driven Zuo Qingluan to the edge, but the battle had to stop after Elder Wu arrived.

Now that Zuo Qingluan had learned her real capability, it wouldn’t be easy to find another chance like this.

At that thought, she rolled her eyes at Elder Wu.

Zuo Qingluan felt even more frustrated.

Her plan was to kill Feng Wu, but Elder Wu was in her way.

She shouted, “Get lost! I’m going to kill her!”

Elder Wu was trying to help, but Zuo Qingluan shouted at him. Even someone as good-tempered as he became angry.

Seeing Zuo Qingluan charge at him with her sword in her hand, Elder Wu waved his hand impatiently.


There was a loud sound!

Zuo Qingluan flew backward and landed in the cesspit.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Elder Wu was speechless.

Chen Ziyun didn’t know what to say.

Zuo Qingluan didn’t know what to say.

Time seemed to freeze.

Everybody fell silent.

All eyes were on Zuo Qingluan, who still seemed stunned.