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Chapter 2795: Screw Firmament Palace

She was Zuo Qingluan, the sacred lady of Firmament Palace! She was an untouchable beauty, but now…

She retched and threw up.

She felt weak. When she wanted to stand up, she slipped and sat back down.

More yellow liquid splashed everywhere.

Zuo Qingluan wanted to kill herself.

Frustrated, Zuo Qingluan turned around and glared at Feng Wu.

She ground her teeth in hatred.

From what Feng Wu knew about Zuo Qingluan, she would leave, clean herself up and take her revenge later. However, Feng Wu was wrong this time.

Zuo Qingluan rose to her feet, her eyes never leaving Feng Wu.

“Elder Wu, please get out of my way.”


Elder Wu frowned at Zuo Qingluan but didn’t reply.

“Please go away!” Zuo Qingluan walked toward Feng Wu, still covered in feces, but Elder Wu blocked her way.

“She’s offended me!” Zuo Qingluan met Elder Wu’s eyes. “I’m going to teach her a lesson. Move!”

Zuo Qingluan’s tone was very serious. In her mind, everybody should give her what she wanted, and Elder Wu should move out of her way.

However, Elder Wu wasn’t a member of the Zuo family. He worked for Imperial College. Therefore, he only glared at Zuo Qingluan.

“You’re a vice chief, but a student almost defeated you! Aren’t you ashamed?!”


Feng Wu and Chen Ziyun both stared at Elder Wu, amazed by how bold the old man was.

Zuo Qingluan was already angry, and what Elder Wu said made her want to scream.

She stared at Elder Wu. “Are you taking her side, then?”

Elder Wu said angrily, “You don’t get to decide which side I’m on!”

Zuo Qingluan didn’t know what Elder Wu was like. The old man had been bullied for half his life, so he hated condescending geniuses.

However, Zuo Qingluan didn’t know any of that. She even tried to threaten him with her family and Firmament Palace. “If you move aside, you’ll be a friend of the Zuo family and Firmament Palace.”

How arrogant!

Firmament Palace was the force which had used to bully Elder Wu.

“Screw Firmament Palace!” Elder Wu was furious.

Zuo Qingluan didn’t expect such a reaction. She was so furious that she laughed. “I’ll remember what you said!”

She then turned to Feng Wu. “It’s your lucky day. Elder Wu is vouching for you, so you get to live another day, but he can’t be there for you all the time!”

She gave Feng Wu and Elder Wu a final glance before marching off.

Feng Wu frowned a little.

Zuo Qingluan had her merits. She could calm down immediately after she threw a tantrum. Once she cooled her head, she wouldn’t be as easy to take care of, but Feng Wu wasn’t scared.

She had been able to start from scratch and catch up with Zuo Qingluan in a year. They were almost at the same level now. Zuo Qingluan didn’t scare her.

“What kind of grudges are there between you? Was that really necessary?” Elder Wu was confused.