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Chapter 2797: Who’s Your Daddy? (1)

Feng Wu smiled at Chen Ziyun. “Do you want to become a Spiritual King or not?”

Chen Ziyun stared at Feng Wu. “Do I want to? Who wouldn’t?!

“Do you know how hard Sun Yu and the others have worked for it?

“Do you know how miserably they were defeated by Spiritual Kings in Peace Grassland?

“Do you know how many people would pay anything to become a Spiritual King?

“You’re already a Spiritual King. You don’t know how frustrating it is for people like me.”

Chen Ziyun waved his hand and looked as miserable as someone who wasn’t understood by other people.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

She handed Chen Ziyun the bottle.

Chen Ziyun looked at her in confusion.

Feng Wu said, “Drink it.”


Chen Ziyun shook his head, “No, I won’t.”

Feng Wu asked, “Are you sure? You earned it.”

Chen Ziyun stared at Feng Wu. “Mention it again, and I’ll be angry!”

He then gave Feng Wu back the Spiritual Fossil Stone.

He had recorded everything since Zuo Qingluan’s arrival.

Including everything Zuo Qingluan had said.

The look Chen Ziyun gave her was a mix of pity and compassion. He felt sorry for what she had gone through.

Feng Wu put away the Spiritual Fossil Stone and looked at Chen Ziyun again.

“Are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Yes! Force me again, and I’ll be mad at you!” Chen Ziyun glared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

The thought of him being buried in feces made him want to throw up. He had lost all appetite.

Meanwhile, Elder Wu was staring at Feng Wu’s bottle.

He sniffed, and his eyes lit up.

“Is that… Can it be…” Elder Wu’s eyes flickered, and he looked like a hungry wolf.

“Is that spirit wine?” Elder Wu was pleasantly surprised.

Feng Wu was also surprised. “Have you heard of it before?”

Elder Wu smacked the wall in excitement. “Of course I have! All people of my age have!”

Chen Ziyun was stunned. Feng Wu’s bottle had to contain something really amazing to make Elder Wu so excited.

Elder Wu was one of the 36 elders of the school.

They were the foundation and the most effective defense system of Imperial College.

Chen Ziyun was intrigued and looked back and forth between Elder Wu and Feng Wu.

Elder Wu was glaring at Feng Wu. “Are you holding real spirit wine?”

Feng Wu said lightly, “That’s right.

Elder Wu said, “Show me! Show me now!”

Since Elder Wu had criticized Zuo Qingluan, Feng Wu returned the favor by handing it to him.

Elder Wu didn’t gulp it down like Little Phoenix had.

He carefully poured a drop on his fingertip and put his finger in his mouth.

His eyes lit up.


The smell and taste indicated that it was spirit wine!