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Chapter 2799: Bargain

Elder Wu said grumpily, “Why would I want to lose?”

He knew Feng Wu was too clever to believe in some made-up excuse, so he said, “Why do you think there’s a competition between the two colleges every year? Do you think it’s about petty resources, like we’ve been telling the students?

“Of course not!” Elder Wu stared at Feng Wu. “It’s related to how the resources are allocated between the elders of the two colleges!

“If you win, we’ll receive a significant amount of cultivation resources from the empire and the right to command the battle in Peace Grassland!”

Feng Wu asked, “The right to command the battle?”

She didn’t know so much was involved.

“What do you think?” Elder Wu stared at her. “Do you think everybody just fights on their own there? Of course somebody has to command them!”

Feng Wu said, “Isn’t that Northern Feng General’s job?”

The general was, in fact, her godfather.

Elder Wu said, “Yes, he’s the highest command, but cultivators can only fight at their own stages.”

Feng Wu looked at him in confusion.


Elder Wu said, “For example, you’re a Spiritual King, so you can only go to the Spiritual King battlefield in the grassland. If you enter Spiritual Lord territory, you’ll be punished for it.”

Feng Wu’s eyes widened. “I didn’t know such a rule existed!”

Elder Wu waved his hand. “You’ve never been to Peace Grassland. Why am I telling you this now? Just remember, the competition is more than a game between students. It’s a battle between two forces.

“All eyes will be on the two teams. The Military Academy’s team already has two Spiritual Kings, and we only have you. We’re at a severe disadvantage!”

Elder Wu said sternly, “Feng Wu, will you contribute to your college and make us proud?”

Feng Wu cleared her throat.

It would take more than that to take the spirit wine from her.

She took the bottle from Elder Wu and put it away before she grinned at the old man. “I’ll give it to whomever I want to give it to. Nobody can tell me what to do.”

Elder Wu was a little displeased. “Feng Wu, this is a serious matter!”

Feng Wu smiled. “Why should it bother me?”

Did Elder Wu think he could persuade her with the speech about the big picture? She wasn’t born yesterday.

“What do you want?” Elder Wu stared at her.

Feng Wu smiled. “I don’t like Zuo Qingluan.”

How straightforward.

Elder Wu stared at her. “So? Shall I have her beaten up in a dark alley? Do you like the sound of that?”

He didn’t even need to ask someone else to do it. He could do it himself.

However, that wasn’t what Feng Wu wanted.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Feng Wu shook her head.

“What do you want, then?” Somehow, Elder Wu felt Feng Wu had a more wicked plan.

Feng Wu grinned. “You’ll see.”

It amazed Chen Ziyun to see how Feng Wu bargained with Elder Wu.

That was amazing!

Who was Elder Wu?

He was a member of the 36 elders, who outranked all the vice chiefs.