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Chapter 2801: Fleeing


Everybody started running.

The tunnels began to collapse.

Chen Ziyun finally panicked and shouted, “Oh my god! The walls are falling down! Why is this happening?”

He had thought Feng Wu was joking.

Even Elder Wu looked rather nervous now.

Feng Wu was the calmest one. “Follow me. I’ll lead you out of the mine!”

Chen Ziyun glanced at her. Really?

He doubted it.

However, they didn’t have many options, and could only follow her instructions.

Led by Feng Wu, their retreat was rather methodical, but it wasn’t the case for the other people in the mine.


The people were divided into four groups, and Zuo Qingluan was on her own.

No one but Zuo Qingluan knew how she got out.

She was holding a jade pendant that held a flame.

She had carried the pendant for over a decade.

There had been an abnormal phenomenon when Feng Wu was born, which was why the entire city had been intrigued about her.

The same thing happened with Zuo Qingluan.

This jade pendant appeared when Feng Wu was born.

The midwife who delivered Feng Wu put it away.

When the Zuo family investigated Feng Wu, they found the midwife and obtained the pendant from her.

The pendant was usually white, but when activated, a tiny flaming phoenix would appear.

It had the power to destroy everything.

Zuo Qingluan had activated the pendant three times so far, and each time, the tiny phoenix would help her kill the person she wanted to kill.

She gripped the pendant and whispered, “I’m the only one with the True Phoenix Blood! My phoenix, bring down this mine!”

Sealed in the pendant was the power of a phoenix of ancient times. The energy surged at Zuo Qingluan’s command.


The sound of explosions and collapsing walls filled the mine.

Zuo Qingluan smirked.

She was sure she could kill Feng Wu today.

What about the others?

Zuo Qingluan couldn’t care less. It wasn’t their lucky day.

Unfortunately, Zuo Qingluan didn’t realize that the energy surge from the pendant decreased every time she activated it.

This was the third time, and there was already a crack in the pendant, which Zuo Qingluan hadn’t noticed.

What she didn’t know was that the pendant came from Feng Wu’s beautiful master and had been used to protect Feng Wu when she reincarnated into this world. Zuo Qingluan had stolen it.

Feng Wu didn’t know about the pendant, nor did she know why the mine collapse was happening so suddenly.

She frowned and quickly led the others toward the exit.

She knew formations.

And she was a Level 8 formation master.

She knew the layout of the entire mine as if the map was in her head.

Chen Ziyun followed Feng Wu.

He doubted her at first.

However, he became more amazed as they walked.


Feng Wu really seemed to know the way!

She even avoided all the places that had collapsed!