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Chapter 2802: Phoenix Pendant

Chen Ziyun noticed that Feng Wu was taking them along the safest paths.

He could hear the sound of the mine collapsing nearby, but nothing happened to the tunnel they were in.

He looked over his shoulder when they reached the next tunnel.

The one they had just walked through no longer existed.

Chen Ziyun felt a chill run down his spine.

What if…

If he hadn’t listened to Feng Wu and had picked up his pace, he would have been buried by now.

Chen Ziyun and Elder Wu looked at each other in astonishment.

It seemed that Feng Wu knew everything.

With Feng Wu leading the way, they had a relatively safe journey.

However, the other two groups weren’t as lucky.


The collapse wasn’t a one-off incident. It kept happening.

The eight-men group was led by Sun Yu.

When the collapse started, he immediately turned on his armband and asked for Elder Wu’s help.

“Elder Wu, Elder Wu! Are you there? We need help!”

However, he didn’t receive any reply.

It wasn’t that Elder Wu had abandoned them. Right now, he wasn’t within a 20km-radius.

Wang Xiao realized what was going on. “Elder Wu isn’t in the circle. He must have gone off to help Ziyun and Feng Wu!”

The elder was out of the armband’s reach.

Wang Xiao grew anxious.

Qiu Zeyu was even more anxious because he was terrified of death.

“It’s all Feng Wu’s fault!” Qiu Zeyu ground his teeth. “If it wasn’t for her, Ziyun would never have left the safe circle, and Elder Wu wouldn’t have left us to protect them! Elder Wu won’t know the danger we’re in now!”

Wang Xiao glanced at him.

Deep down, he felt that Qiu Zeyu was right. However, he was too responsible to blame the danger they were in on other people.

“No one knew this was going to happen.” Wang Xiao gave Qiu Zeyu a stern look. “Not Feng Wu, and not Elder Wu. Moreover, we don’t know if they’re still alive.”

Chu Qu nodded. “We’ll have to save ourselves.”

Hearing the mine collapse, Qiu Zeyu ground his teeth. “How? What should we do?!”

“Find Elder Mei!” Sun Yu made up his mind. “He must know the way out!”

“That’s right! There’s Elder Mei!” The others agreed with him.

The collapse was happening mainly around Feng Wu, and their area wasn’t as severely affected.

They soon found Elder Mei.

Elder Mei looked very displeased.

It had taken him forever to clear out this small area, and there was still much work to do.

He remembered clearly that a treasure was hidden in the mine.

It was spirit wine.

He was trying so hard to study the mine because he wanted to find the spirit wine and create a shortcut for the team members.

He and his fellow elders had made their breakthroughs this way, and it pained him to see the teenagers stuck at their levels.

But now…

More tunnels were collapsing.

The sound came from the direction where the spirit wine was buried.

Elder Mei was devastated.

“Elder Mei, is the mine collapsing?” Sun Yu asked.