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Chapter 2804: Run! (2)

More rocks were falling on their heads, and the tunnels were collapsing more rapidly.

“Where’s Zuo Qingluan?” Elder Mei finally remembered the girl that had been following him around.

Mr. Xu looked around and realized he had lost Zuo Qingluan.

He then remembered something. “She said she was going to help Feng Wu…”

Elder Mei said, “Nonsense! Does she not know what her capability is like? What makes her think she can help other people?”

Mr. Xu didn’t know what to say.

Elder Mei said, “I’m afraid she’s been buried as well.”

The team didn’t like Zuo Qingluan all that much, so no one said anything when they heard the news.

Meanwhile, the rumbling was getting closer.

“Let’s go!” Mr. Xu said anxiously.

Sun Yu and the others took another look in that direction, gritted their teeth, and started moving toward the exit.


The collapse was close behind them.

They were racing against time.

If they lagged behind, they would be hit by the rocks and buried underneath.

It was the most dangerous thing they had ever experienced.

Mr. Xu ground his teeth.

What were these students hesitating for? That Sun Yu even wanted to save those people!

He believed he would be out of here by now if those students hadn’t delayed him.

He was complaining in his head, when Sun Yu shouted, “Isn’t this area 20km wide? Why haven’t we reached the exit?”

The sound of the collapse was so loud that Sun Yu had to shout at the top of his lungs.

Everybody was running as fast as they could, and what Sun Yu said made them realize that something was wrong.

Yes, at this speed, they should have covered the 20km by now. Why did the tunnels seem to never end? How long did they have to run?

Mr. Xu didn’t know what to say.

He was also dumbfounded.

That was right!

They should have covered the 20km in no time, but now…

Mr. Xu then realized something.

However, Sun Yu was the first to ask the question.

“Mr. Xu, you haven’t led us in the wrong direction, have you?”

Mr. Xu didn’t know what to say.


In fact…

He really had…

Mr. Xu’s face was livid. He gave Sun Yu a dirty look before turning to Elder Mei.

“Elder Mei, I…”

Elder Mei’s face was livid.

In a critical moment like this, Mr. Xu had led them in the wrong direction.

With a wave of his hand, Elder Mei led the others into a safer tunnel that had yet to collapse.

The collapse happened like dominos.

Elder Mei did some calculations and was stunned.

How had this happened?

The formation pattern he had figured out had changed significantly.

That was to say, the path he thought could lead them to the exit would no longer take them there.


No wonder Mr. Xu ran in the wrong direction.

The formation had changed!

“Elder Mei?” Everybody looked at him anxiously.

He was their only hope.

However, Elder Mei had never appeared so troubled.

Everybody looked at one another nervously.

They knew it would be a matter of time before the collapse reached this tunnel.

Elder Mei said in a hoarse voice, “It won’t be easy to find the path now.”

Everybody was astonished.