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Chapter 2806: Agitation

Mr. Xu was left behind.


He grew anxious when the others ran off with the bird.

Although he didn’t think the crane was reliable, he didn’t want to stay here alone.

He quickly followed the others, running as fast as he could.

The crane led the way, flying a little bit faster than the speed of the collapse.

Sun Yu and Wang Xiao held Elder Mei’s arms and pushed him forward.

“Let go of me! Let go!”

Elder Mei shouted angrily.

However, Sun Yu and the others ignored his protests and moved as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, outside the Secret Essence Mine.


Gongsun Mu and his colleagues were rushing toward the mine.

They were panic-stricken when they sensed the danger.

“Why did it happen so suddenly? Everything was fine earlier!” Mr. Yang said anxiously.

Mr. Duan said, “The entire Dynasty Team is inside. If something happens, we’re going to…”

“Elder Mei is inside, too. We can’t lose him…”

Gongsun Mu worried about Feng Wu the most.

The crown prince had summoned him in person. Although he never mentioned Feng Wu, everything he said had been a hint that Gongsun Mu should protect the girl.

Therefore, Gongsun Mu had always known how well-connected Feng Wu was.

He found Zuo Qingluan’s petty tricks utterly ridiculous.

“Miss Qingluan is inside, too!” Mr. Wang shouted agitatedly. “She’s the crown prince’s fiancee! If something happens to her, our college is finished!”

Gongsun Mu gave him a stern look without another word.

The crown prince had only given him hints about protecting Feng Wu, and Zuo Qingluan’s name never came up. She wasn’t his fiancee! That girl must be delusional!

Gongsun Mu and the others arrived at the Secret Essence Mine.

The door was closed.

Gongsun Mu was stranded outside the door, and there was nothing he could do.

“What should we do now? Mr. Gongsun, what should we do?” Mr. Wang and the others were anxious.

Getting blamed for putting Zuo Qingluan in danger wasn’t the worst part. If the team lost the competition, the resources the teachers received would be reduced as well.

Their own benefits would be affected.

After the first explosion, the tunnels collapsed like dominos. The ground outside shook as well.

The ground shook so violently that the people outside were only able to remain standing because they were capable cultivators.

“Mr. Gongsun, the ground is caving in! It’s collapsing, too!” Mr. Wang shouted.

He was trying to say that since they couldn’t save the others, they might as well leave first.

Gongsun Mu shook his head. “You can leave if you want, but I’m not leaving!”

Mr. Wang turned to look at the other tutors.

The other tutors showed no intention to leave.

Mr. Wang stomped his feet. He now had to stay here, where they could be buried alive at any moment.

He muttered, “They must have been buried alive and are dead by now. There’s no point in standing here. We’ll only be killed, too! What a waste of energy!”

No one answered him.

The people inside were too important for Imperial College to lose.

The tutors had never been so serious, and their eyes were bloodshot red.

Mr. Wang was about to continue, when something happened.