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Chapter 2807: Come Out

Somebody charged out of the door.

Everybody was thrilled when they saw who it was.

“Zuo Qingluan!”

“Miss Qingluan!”

Gongsun Mu and the others ran to her side in excitement.

Zuo Qingluan didn’t look well.

Her clothes were covered with dust, and there was blood on her face.

Gongsun Mu immediately asked, “What’s going on inside? Where are the others?”

All eyes were on Zuo Qingluan.

Zuo Qingluan struggled to her feet, took a deep breath, and said gravely, “They, they…”

“What happened to them?” Everybody was anxious.



Zuo Qingluan said, “It was all Feng Wu’s fault! If she had listened to Elder Mei and remained in the area she was supposed to, this mine would never have collapsed!”

Mr. Wang said, “What? Did Feng Wu start it? I told you already, that Feng Wu is trouble! Now you know I’m right!”

Gongsun Mu frowned and stared at Zuo Qingluan. “Where are the others?”

Zuo Qingluan gritted her teeth. “Feng Wu took everybody with her. I couldn’t stop them. They wouldn’t listen to me and went away with Feng Wu. They’ve all been buried down there! They’re all dead!”

She believed that everybody was dead, and she could make up whatever story she wanted.

Gongsun Mu’s head spun.

Everybody had been buried alive?

Including Feng Wu?

Gongsun Mu swayed and dropped to his knees.

“Mr. Gongsun!”

Everybody helped him to his feet.

It was such a hard blow. Although Zuo Qingluan had come out, Imperial College still couldn’t afford the loss.

Mr. Wang said, “At least His Royal Highness won’t blame us.”

He turned to Zuo Qingluan. “I’m so happy to see you. Otherwise, it would be the end of Imperial College!”

Zuo Qingluan smirked inwardly. Once Feng Wu was dead, she was all the empire had!

The crown prince would have to choose her.

She thought about how she was going to marry the crown prince, give him children, and become empress…

She could feel her heartbeat racing.

However, Gongsun Mu shouted, “No, His Royal Highness will make us pay! He will!”

Everybody gave him strange looks.

Zuo Qingluan had come out alive. Why would the crown prince be angry?

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingluan stared at Gongsun Mu.

She wondered if he knew something.

“Was Feng Wu buried? Are you sure she’s dead?” Gongsun Mu stared at Zuo Qingluan with bloodshot eyes.

Zuo Qingluan said coldly, “Yes, she’s dead. I saw it with my own eyes!

“And there was Elder Mei. He died trying to save her…”

“Did you watch them getting buried, too?” Mr. Yang asked.

Zuo Qingluan thought, “Those people are all dead, and no one can verify my words.” Therefore, she could slander Feng Wu however she wanted.

“Yes!” Zuo Qingluan said decisively.