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Chapter 2808: Alive

Mr. Wang lost his temper when he heard that Elder Mei had died because he tried to save Feng Wu.

“That Feng Wu got so many people killed just because she thought she had a little talent!

“I warned you before. Someone should discipline her! To possess talent but no moral integrity will get people killed!

“It was all her fault! If she hadn’t wandered off, the others wouldn’t have been buried!

“Elder Mei was there, including the entire Dynasty Team!

“Feng Wu is going to ruin our college!”

Mr. Wang shouted at the top of his lungs.

Zuo Qingluan smiled viciously.

She loved it when Mr. Wang did all the work accusing Feng Wu.

In the Secret Essence Mine.

Elder Mei was astonished.


He had been furious at first.

The two students had disobeyed him.

However, his mouth had fallen open.


As they followed the paper crane, he started to recognize their surroundings.

The rumbling remained some distance behind them, and it almost felt like they were on the right track.

“Elder Mei, Elder Mei, we’re a little safer now. Please find the path!” Mr. Xu urged him.

Elder Mei didn’t say anything. He only stared at the crane that had been leading the way.

The paper crane…

Could it be…

“Elder Mei? Elder Mei?!”

Mr. Xu almost wanted to shake the old man by the shoulders.

Elder Mei woke up from his stupor and looked at the crane.

He sounded certain when he spoke again. “Follow the bird.”

“What?” Mr. Xu was dumbfounded.

Follow the crane?

“But it’s just something Feng Wu made as a joke!”

Mr. Xu thought Elder Mei was so shocked he had lost his mind.

He said, “Elder Mei, have you forgotten? Didn’t you say the paper crane was nonsense? We even tore up the one she gave us!”

Elder Mei was speechless.

Had he done something so stupid?

Gosh… He really had!

Elder Mei blushed and didn’t know what to say.

However, when his life was in danger, his dignity didn’t matter anymore.

Elder Mei shook his head and glanced at Mr. Xu. “No, it seems it’s not a joke.”

Mr. Xu said, “What?”

Elder Mei said, “It probably has Level 8 inscriptions on it.”

Mr. Xu said, “What did you say?”

When he recovered from the initial shock, he stared at Elder Mei and really thought the old man had lost it.

“Elder Mei, do you still remember how Feng Wu gave out the paper cranes? Apart from Zuo Qingluan, she gave a paper crane to each of us.

“Level 8 inscriptions may not be so rare in the Dongsang Kingdom, but here in the Junwu Empire, they’re priceless.

“Do you think Feng Wu would give us something so precious in passing?

“She was so casual about it! It was like she was giving out ordinary fruit!

“How can it be Level 8 inscriptions? I won’t believe it even if you kill me!” Mr. Xu said decisively.

Elder Mei didn’t believe it either because Feng Wu had been so off-handed about it when she gave out the paper cranes.