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Chapter 2810: Confrontation (2)

“Then the collapse started, so we went to Elder Mei and ran out of the mine with Mr. Xu.”

Gongsun Mu frowned. “That’s not what I heard. Miss Qingluan, didn’t you say you saw with your own eyes Elder Mei and the students getting buried down there?”

“That’s right!” Mr. Duan also turned to Zuo Qingluan. “Miss Qingluan, you did say that you were there when the others were buried.”

All the tutors had heard her say those words, so she had no excuse to make.

She began to panic.

She thought the others had all died, and nobody would challenge her. However, these people had come out alive!

Why didn’t they die?!

Sun Yu stared at Zuo Qingluan. “Miss Qingluan, I think you owe us an explanation.”

Zuo Qingluan glanced at Sun Yu. “What explanation?”

Sun Yu said, “Miss Zuo, just because you’re the vice chief doesn’t give you the right to make irresponsible claims.”

Zuo Qingluan stared at him. She couldn’t believe someone would talk to her that way.

Gongsun Mu also said, “Miss Zuo, I’d like an explanation, too!”

Zuo Qingluan snorted. “I saw Feng Wu getting buried. As for Elder Mei, I admit I made the wrong assumption. I thought they were all together.”

Sun Yu frowned. “We split up from the very beginning. How could we be together?”

Zuo Qingluan glared at him. “Are you questioning me now?!”

She was still a vice chief, and Sun Yu didn’t dare ask too many questions, fearing that he might offend her.

Everybody found her explanation unsatisfactory, but they didn’t know what to accuse her of, so they stopped questioning her.

Moreover, Gongsun Mu cared more about Feng Wu.

“I don’t believe she’s dead! She’s going to come out alive!” He gritted his teeth. “I believe in miracles!”

Zuo Qingluan smirked.

The tunnels had probably all collapsed. How was Feng Wu going to come out?

Zuo Qingluan feigned a sad tone and pretended to be in tears. “She’s dead. I saw it with my own eyes. Mr. Gongsun, we should move somewhere safe.”

Mr. Wang said, “That’s right! It’s not safe here! The ground is still shaking, and we don’t know if the collapse will spread. Mr. Gongsun, we should leave!”

Gongsun Mu said, “You can go if you want. I don’t think she’s dead!”

Zuo Qingluan said, “But Elder Mei is exhausted…”

She had rushed to Elder Mei’s side as soon as he came out, asking about his condition. Unfortunately, Elder Mei didn’t even glance at her.

To her surprise, Elder Mei said, “I don’t think she’s dead either.”


Everybody stared at Elder Mei.

The old man hadn’t liked Feng Wu all that much before, but now…

Zuo Qingluan didn’t like the sound of that at all.