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Chapter 2812: Chased by the Collapse

However, Level 8 inscriptions were so precious, and were only used in the central area of the school.

Feng Wu was a mere student. How could she possibly have that kind of instrument?

Who was she kidding?

Sun Yu added, “Feng Wu has a lot of them. She gave one to each of us.”

Zuo Qingluan said, “Not me.”

Sun Yu said, “Yes, she left only you out.”

Zuo Qingluan almost exploded.

Mr. Wang said, “Didn’t you say the crane burnt to ash? You can say whatever you want.”

Seeing that Sun Yu wanted to bring up Elder Mei again, Mr. Wang cut him off. “I’ll only believe you if Feng Wu comes out alive.”

However, could Feng Wu come out alive?

Everybody stared at the exit.



The ground shook even more violently.

Rocks kept spilling out of the mine and almost landed on their heads.


A rock hit Mr. Wang on the back, and he almost burst into tears.

“Mr. Gongsun, did you hear that? The collapse is coming in our direction. We should leave now!” Mr. Wang urged everybody.

“Feng Wu must be dead! She can’t survive this!”

Gongsun Mu couldn’t keep his balance either.

The cracks on the ground looked like spider webs.


The sound grew louder and louder.

Just then, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and it turned dark.


“Look! The walls of the mine are cracking, too!” Mr. Wang almost jumped to his feet.

Everybody looked up.

He was right. There were cracks on the outer wall of the mind.

They were expanding as well.

The mine really was going to collapse.

The walls were over 30 meters high. If the walls fell on them, they would all be buried inside.

They had to leave.

Zuo Qingluan cherished her life more than anything else and was the first to run.

Mr. Wang followed her.

Mr. Yang and the others looked at one another before anxiously turning to Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu was so worried that he felt sick.

He couldn’t run.

If Feng Wu really were inside, the crown prince would punish all of them.

When that happened, they would wish they were dead.

He would rather die here than run away.

“Run! All of you!” He decided to stay where he was.

Mr. Yang and the others anxiously looked at the shaking mine that could collapse at any moment.

“Go!” Gongsun Mu bellowed.

He stayed because he had to take full responsibility.

If he died with Feng Wu, maybe the crown prince would spare Imperial College.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu and the other two were rushing as fast as they could through the mine.

If Little Phoenix were around, they wouldn’t be worried about a collapse of this size. The bird could sense everything and would know the safest route.

However, the bird was still cultivating now, and they were on their own.

Figuring out the right route wasn’t enough. They also had to avoid the places where the walls would cave in.

The collapse was right on their heels.

It was moving as fast as they were.