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Chapter 2813: Shadow Phoenix

If Feng Wu were a little bit slower when she calculated the route, they would all die.

Chen Ziyun kept his eyes on Feng Wu and didn’t dare disturb her.

Even Elder Wu didn’t dare make a sound.

Feng Wu was too important to them now.

If she were a second too slow, they would all be dead.

Luckily, Feng Wu was a Level 8 formation master, and she knew this formation inside out. Therefore, she was able to choose the best route every single time.

She found it strange when she noticed a hint of a phoenix from the collapse that was on their heels.

It was the energy of the True Phoenix Blood.

Was it Zuo Qingluan?

Feng Wu frowned and stopped abruptly.

If it really was the effect of the True Phoenix Blood, would her Divine Phoenix Blood be able to stop it?

Seeing Feng Wu stop, Chen Ziyun thought he was going to have a heart attack.

“Feng Wu! God! Why are you standing there? Run!”

The collapse was almost upon them.

Feng Wu took out a dagger and slid it across her palm.

Blood oozed out.

Drops of blood flew out toward the collapsed site.

“Xiao Wu, what are you doing? Run!” Chen Ziyun grabbed Feng Wu and ran toward the exit.

Caught by surprise, Feng Wu was dragged away.

Seeing light up ahead, Chen Ziyun shouted in excitement, “It’s right ahead! Run!”

The collapse seemed to speed up behind them.

It was as if a beast had woken up deep in the mine.

Elder Wu grabbed Chen Ziyun, who grabbed Feng Wu in turn and picked up his speed.

With a whoosh, they rushed out of the mine.

The moment they were outside, the mine’s entrance collapsed.

Elder Wu saw Gongsun Mu kneeling on the ground, so he grabbed the latter with his free hand and ran away from the collapsing site.

Feng Wu felt dizzy from all the yanking, so she didn’t realize that there was a Shadow Phoenix in the collapsed mine.

The Shadow Phoenix had been trapped inside a jade pendant.

Flames spread out as if a phoenix was soaring in the sky.

Zuo Qingluan had put a drop of her blood on the pendant to wake up the Shadow Phoenix.

Enraged, the bird started the explosion that brought down the entire mine.

It was only a shadow, but it could destroy the whole mine with one sneeze.

If it recovered more strength and did more than sneeze…

The result would be terrifying!

The phoenix licked its beak.

It tasted like blood.


The bird seemed confused.

The food tasted much better!

It had tasted that blood a long time ago.

It couldn’t understand why the food had suddenly become so tasty.

It wanted all its food to taste like this.

Somehow, the bird felt it was born to feed on things like that blood.

What it had eaten before was rubbish in comparison.

It threw a dirty look in Zuo Qingluan’s direction as it returned to the pendant.

What Zuo Qingluan didn’t know was…

Her True Phoenix Blood was far less potent than the Divine Phoenix Blood.

Now that the Shadow Phoenix had tasted Feng Wu’s blood, it would resist Zuo Qingluan’s blood when she tried to get the bird to do dirty deeds for her…