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Chapter 2814: Zuo Qingluan Slips Away


The mine finally collapsed.

Luckily, Elder Wu dragged everybody away before that.

“Feng Wu! Feng Wu!”


“Elder Wu!”

Everybody rushed to their side and greeted them.

There were a few exceptions.

One of them was Zuo Qingluan.

It had never occurred to her that Feng Wu would come out alive.

She ground her teeth.

She had ordered the Shadow Phoenix to kill Feng Wu, no matter the cost.

The bird had disappointed her.

Recalling how she had said she saw Feng Wu getting buried, she felt mortified.

When the others weren’t looking, Zuo Qingluan slipped away.

Mr. Wang had been watching Zuo Qingluan and was surprised when he saw her leave.

Had she given up?

By the looks of it, the girl wasn’t as capable as she was said to be. He wondered if he was barking up the wrong tree.

Fearing the humiliation, Mr. Wang ran off as well.

Gongsun Mu was so excited to see Feng Wu that he burst into tears.

He grabbed her sleeves and examined her as if she were his granddaughter.

Elder Mei gave Feng Wu a long look and said, “Come with me.”

Feng Wu walked away with him.

The other people gathered together and exchanged stories about their adventures in the mine.

Hearing their conversation, Gongsun Mu frowned. “So, Zuo Qingluan was lying when she said she saw you all buried alive.”

Sun Yu said, “She wasn’t even with us. How could she see that?”

Chen Ziyun nodded. “That’s right. There was no way she could have seen us. Moreover, even if she had, why didn’t she try to save us? And how did she get out?”

Gongsun Mu and the other tutors found Chen Ziyun’s argument very reasonable.

They were going to question Zuo Qingluan, but realized she was no longer there.

“She disappeared quickly enough!” Gongsun Mu ground his teeth. He now realized that there was something off about Zuo Qingluan.

Sun Yu said, “We only got out because of Feng Wu’s paper crane!”

Chu Qu said, “That’s right! Elder Mei said the formation had changed, and he didn’t know the way anymore. We lost all hope. Luckily, we had Feng Wu’s crane on us, and that was how we got out!”

Chen Ziyun was surprised. “Was that how you got out? I didn’t think the paper crane would work!”

Chu Qu said, “That’s right. Elder Mei didn’t know what to do and actually asked us to write down our last words. The bird showed us the way. Ziyun, how did you get out?”

Chen Ziyun said, “Feng Wu led us out.”

Chu Qu was astonished. “Are you saying Feng Wu really knew her way around the mine? Is she really a Level 8 inscription master?”

“That’s impossible! She might know the way, but she can’t be a Level 8 inscription master! Even Elder Mei isn’t at that level yet.” Chen Ziyun shook his head.