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Chapter 2815: Spiritual King

“Maybe someone gave her the paper cranes,” Qiu Zeyu said timidly.

Chen Ziyun said, “That’s right. That has to be it. That was why she was so generous with them.”

Everybody nodded.

They couldn’t accept the fact that Feng Wu was a Level 8 inscription master.

In their minds, all inscription masters were elderly people like Elder Mei.

“Ziyun!” Sun Yu suddenly cried out.

Everybody looked at him.

“What?” Chen Ziyun was perplexed.

“Ziyun, you feel different,” Sun Yu said curiously.

“I feel the same! Ziyun used to be just like us, but there’s something so formidable about his energy now.”

Gongsun Mu also looked at Chen Ziyun.

His eyes widened.

“You’re a Spiritual King now!”

A Spiritual King?

Everybody looked at Chen Ziyun in astonishment.

God knew how eagerly they wanted to defeat the Military Academy.

The Military Academy team had at least two Spiritual Kings, but the Imperial College had never had any before this. It was a great humiliation to Imperial College.

But now, Chen Ziyun was a Spiritual King.

“Really? Ziyun really is a Spiritual King now?”

“OMG! This is great news!”

“Ziyun, how did you do it? Teach us!”

All the other team members asked him for instructions, but Chen Ziyun couldn’t hear any of them.

He was in a trance-like state.

He tried to check his dantian but was too excited to control his spiritual essence properly.

He had wanted this so badly that when it actually happened, he didn’t know what to do.

It took him a while to regain control and examine himself.

He was relieved.

He had become a Spiritual King.

On this continent, only cultivators at the Spiritual King stage and above were considered to be the real masters.

The Spiritual King stage was a benchmark.

Above it were the rulers.

Below it were those who were ruled.

He had finally crossed the threshold and entered a new phase.

It was a great rise for both himself and the Chen family behind him.

He was going to make his family so proud.

Chen Ziyun almost burst into tears.

He took a deep breath and fought back the urge to cry.

He knew perfectly well how he had become a Spiritual King.

Elder Wu looked at him in satisfaction.

He also knew what had happened.

He was a witness.

He saw Feng Wu hand the spirit wine to Chen Ziyun, who drank it and made the breakthrough.

Without the spirit wine, it would be next to impossible to turn a Spiritual Lord into a Spiritual King.

With it, the process became so easy.

Elder Wu looked at the team and thought about the possibility of all of them becoming Spiritual Kings.

The idea thrilled him.