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Chapter 2816: Special Attention

However, Elder Wu knew that wasn’t feasible.

The spirit wine would only work on someone like Chen Ziyun, who had reached the peak of the Spiritual Lord stage. It would be wasted on other cultivators.

Chen Ziyun looked in the direction Feng Wu had left with complicated feelings.

She said she would make him a Spiritual King, and she did it.

Nobody would believe such a promise, even if it came from the head of the college.

How was she able to do such things?

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was with Elder Mei.

The old man stared at her for a long time, thinking the girl would be flustered. However, he was disappointed.

The girl stood straight and met his gaze.

She was so calm.

“Where did you get the paper cranes?” Elder Mei asked.

Feng Wu didn’t answer him.

“Who gave them to you? Who’s your master?” Elder Mei stared at her.

Feng Wu suddenly smiled. “There are 103 loopholes in the eastern woods in the college. Would you rather stare at me than repair them?”

Elder Mei’s face darkened.

103 loopholes?

How did she know that?

That was the correct number!

Feng Wu walked away after that.

She didn’t need other people to recognize her achievements in formations and inscriptions.

Those skills could work wonders when it came to surprising her opponents.

Elder Mei didn’t try to stop her.

He watched the girl leave with a pensive look on his face.

Imperial College.

Feng Wu went back to her dormitory.

Room 2001.

Chaoge and Zi Ling had their own tasks to finish and were both away.

Ye Han had moved back.

She was lying comfortably in a lounge chair, reading a book while eating some fruit.

The door opened.

Ye Han frowned and looked in that direction.

She thought it was Zi Ling and was going to scold the girl.

However, she was dumbfounded when she saw Feng Wu come in.

Earlier in the Secret Essence Mine, Feng Wu had demonstrated her power, and even Shan Jingfei had been forced to go to Peace Grassland.

Ye Han scrambled to her feet, dropping the fruit in the process.

She no longer tried to antagonize Feng Wu, but she didn’t know if Feng Wu would want to take revenge.

It would be a piece of cake for Feng Wu.

She wanted to play nice and greet Feng Wu, but she was worried it would make her seem snobbish.

Moreover, what if Feng Wu ignored her and walked away?

So many thoughts flashed through Ye Han’s mind at that moment.

Feng Wu only glanced at her and casually said, “You’re reading.”

“Y- Yes…” Ye Han didn’t expect to hear Feng Wu greet her first, and was overwhelmed by what felt like special attention.

Feng Wu nodded at her and headed back to her own room.

She had fought non-stop in the Secret Essence Mine, which had cost her a lot of energy. She needed to take a break.

However, she only took a few steps before she stopped.

Ye Han eagerly waited for Feng Wu to leave.