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Chapter 2817: I’m a Spiritual King as Well

Ye Han was relieved that Feng Wu was leaving, and was ready to go back to her room, when Feng Wu suddenly spoke to her.

She dropped her fruit again.

She looked at Feng Wu and was too scared to breathe.

Feng Wu sat down and patted the lounge chair. “Sit.”

Ye Han was alarmed.

Feng Wu smiled. “Since you don’t have much to do, why don’t you answer some questions for me?”

Before Ye Han could say anything, Feng Wu asked, “Have you heard of the Military Academy team?”

Ye Han was relieved.

It seemed Feng Wu wasn’t here to settle accounts with her.

“Of course I have. I was one of the cheerleaders when our team fought them last year. We lost so miserably.”

Feng Wu asked, “Why do you say that?”

Chen Ziyun only said they had lost, but he didn’t say how badly.

Ye Han knew Feng Wu had joined the Dynasty team, so she immediately knew why she wanted to know.

The two teams were going to compete again.

Feng Wu would probably be taking part.

She had to do some research beforehand.

Ye Han was happy to be useful. “If you ask me, you should stay out of this competition.”

Feng Wu shrugged.

Ye Han said, “If you have to take part, try to be the last fighter.”

Feng Wu asked, “Why?”

Ye Han said, “It will be a 5v5 competition. Each team will have five fighters, and the team with the last member standing wins.

“From what I’ve seen so far, the first ones to go on stage are beaten up pretty badly. The last one can choose to give in since our team will lose anyway. They won’t suffer from too many injuries.”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. “Why are you so sure that we’ll lose?”

Ye Han was amazed, and she asked after a long while, “Do you want to hear the truth?”

Before, when she deemed Feng Wu to be her enemy, she found Feng Wu insufferable. However, now that her mindset had changed, she realized that she liked Feng Wu’s company.

She had never really hated Feng Wu. It was all because of her jealousy.

Feng Wu said, “Of course.”

Ye Han said, “In that case, our school is bound to lose.”

Feng Wu said, “Why do you say that?”

Ye Han said, “Everybody knows the Military Academy has two Spiritual Kings because they fought in the competition last year. They’re Sheng Changtian and Lu Haobei.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Ye Han said, “We received news today that another member of their team has become a Spiritual King. His name is Lu Qinghe.

“So, they already have three Spiritual Kings, but we have zero.”

Feng Wu said, “Chen Ziyun is a Spiritual King now.”

Ye Han was surprised. “Really?”

Feng Wu nodded.

Ye Han was happy for a brief moment before her shoulders slumped. “One Spiritual King won’t make any difference.”

Feng Wu smiled at her. “I’m a Spiritual King, too.”

Ye Han rolled her eyes at Feng Wu and wouldn’t believe her.

She became quite impatient.