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Chapter 2818: Sweet Revenge

“The competition took place in the Military Academy last year, and it’s our turn this year, but I’m going to take leave and stay at home.”

Feng Wu asked, “Aren’t you going to watch?”

Ye Han shook her head. “We’re going to lose miserably. Why would I want to watch?”

Feng Wu said, “Why do you think we’re going to lose?”

“Who’s going to lose?”

Chaoge and Zi Ling came back at that moment.

Ye Han said grumpily, “Feng Wu says our team is going to win the competition this year.”

Chaoge and Zi Ling quickly ran into the room.

Zi Ling was pleasantly surprised. “Feng Wu, are we really going to win this year?”

Chaoge was very confident. “With Feng Wu around, there’s no way we’ll lose!”

The entire school knew Feng Wu had joined the seeded team.

Ye Han rolled her eyes at Feng Wu. “They have at least three Spiritual Kings, alright?”

Zi Ling covered her mouth. “At least three? What about…”

“We have one, at most,” Ye Han said without hesitation.

Zi Ling said, “That’s why so many people went to see their tutors and asked to go back home for a few days. They can’t face the defeat.”

Being a newer student, Zi Ling didn’t react as strongly as Ye Han, who had been here longer.

Ye Han said, “I’m leaving, too.”

Chaoge said, “I know Feng Wu is going to win!”

Feng Wu patted her. Chaoge was right. She was going to win.

Ye Han glanced at her in resignation. “Do you know why the seeded team is one man down and has to recruit Feng Wu? Do you know why that person is absent?

“His name is You Ming. In the competition last year, Lu Haobei severely injured him, and he’s still bedridden now.

“Lu Haobei is only the second-best fighter in their team. Sheng Changtian, their captain, is the most capable one!

“Chen Ziyun was defeated in three stances.

“That team completely crushed us last year, and it was a great humiliation.

“I heard they found a secret cultivation place this year and made great progress. How are we going to defeat them?”

Ye Han turned to Feng Wu. “I’ve told you everything you need to know. Listen to my advice. It’ll be humiliating, but you won’t be bedridden for a year.”

Feng Wu said, “Are you saying we should admit our defeat without trying?”

Ye Han said, “Do you think I like the Military Team? Do you know how arrogant they are?

“When they left last year, Sheng Changtian cut down the flag of Imperial College!

“It was the greatest humiliation!

“Who doesn’t want sweet revenge?

“But we can’t…

“We’re so much weaker than them. How are we supposed to win?”

Feng Wu had always thought Ye Han to be a snobbish person. However, the girl shook with indignation when she mentioned the flag.

She was angry at her school.

Although she might criticize the school herself, she wouldn’t let other people criticize or humiliate it.