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Chapter 2820: Give Away Your Spot

Feng Wu thought Ye Han only felt that way because she wasn’t experienced enough.

However, when she met Gongsun Mu and talked to him about the competition, the old man didn’t want to talk about it and only told her to stay safe.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Did even Gongsun Mu think they were going to lose?

Feng Wu arrived at the training arena.

It was at the center of Imperial College.

The spiritual essence was the densest here.

She heard people talking before she went in.

“How about we focus all our strength on the backup team this time?”

It was Chu Qu.

Apart from Chen Ziyun, all the team members were there.

The competition was the most discussed subject at the moment.

The team members were talking about it as well.

Qiu Zeyu said, “We should put our best members in the backup team. That way, we’ll get to decide the order. Right?

“After that, we can arrange them in the order we like. We won’t lose as miserably as last year.

“Last year was so humiliating! Sheng Changtian defeated all five of us! It was a nightmare!”

Chu Qu said, “Put the best members in the backup team? Are you going to put Captain Chen and Sun Yu there? The Military Team will laugh at us! It won’t be any less humiliating!”

He was right.

Although the rules didn’t forbid the main players to fight in the backup team, it was common knowledge that they shouldn’t do it.

Wang Nian grew anxious. “You’ve turned down all our suggestions, so what should we do? Since when has Imperial College become so weak? This is so frustrating!”

Everybody felt the same way.

Before, Imperial College could always easily win the competition, but things had changed in the past two years.

Imperial College had never been humiliated like this before.

Everybody was as frustrated as Wang Nian was.

Feng Wu walked in at that moment.

She asked in a curious voice that everybody could hear, “I don’t understand. Why are you all focusing on how to lose less miserably?”

The others turned around and saw it was Feng Wu.

They all gave the newest member sympathetic looks.

“You’re new here, so you don’t know,” said Qiu Zeyu. “We don’t stand a chance. Knowing that, our only option is to lose gracefully.”

He then turned to the others. “Sun Yu alone won’t be enough. How about we let Ziyun join the backup team as well?

Chen Ziyun was the captain of the Dynasty Team, and Qiu Zeyu’s suggestion would be a great humiliation for him.

No one could bring themselves to talk to Chen Ziyun about it.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes again.

“As for us, I can withdraw from the competition. Feng Wu, you’re new and won’t be of much use. You should withdraw as well and give your place to Ziyun.”

Feng Wu felt like hitting someone.