Chapter 2907: Show Off (1)

Feng Wu was dumbfounded. She had no idea how long Jun Linyuan would stay angry.

Gongshu Hongzhu and Chu Yun also left after that.

Sheng Changtian and his team members followed suit.

They didn’t want to get caught because it would be so embarrassing.

However —


Their escape plan failed.

Students of Imperial College stopped them at the gate.

“You can’t leave yet.” Chen Ziyun led the others and blocked the way.

The people behind him still looked dazed because of the astonishing conversation they had just heard.

“We lost the competition. What more do you want?” Sheng Changtian bellowed.

He was so frustrated.

Not only did his team lose the competition, his teammates were all badly wounded.

Imperial College had won, and their players didn’t have a scratch on them.

“Nothing. We just want to show you to our principal’s office. We need to talk about what happened today.” Chen Ziyun chuckled.

He knew Zuo Qingluan wouldn’t get away.

The crown prince was very angry now and would need to vent that anger somewhere.

Sheng Changtian and his team didn’t want to go to the principal’s office, but the teachers and students of Imperial College didn’t give them any choice.

Students of the Military Academy didn’t know what to think of Feng Wu.

When the crown prince went up the stage, they wanted to accuse Feng Wu of stealing the spotlight.

When Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu stood together, they thought Feng Wu was the evil woman who wanted to seduce the crown prince.


When they saw their interactions on stage, those who had been in a relationship before immediately saw what was going on. Even those who had never had a boyfriend or girlfriend were impressed.

Only a blind man wouldn’t be able to see what was happening.

Students of the Military Academy hated Feng Wu, but they knew the crown prince was in love with her, so they didn’t dare offend her. However, they couldn’t bring themselves to fawn on her either.

How annoying!

Out of sight, out of mind. The Military Academy students ran off as fast as they could.

Chen Ziyun didn’t try to stop them. He enjoyed seeing how defeated these people looked. It was a hilarious contrast to their arrogant demeanor last year.

The Imperial College students considered Feng Wu the brightest star in the school.

“She’s from our school!”

“She’s an Imperial College student!”

“I feel so proud to be in the same school as her!”

“She was in Class E when she first came here, and that was only a few months before.”

They kept looking back at Feng Wu when they left because they didn’t want to part from such beauty.

Ye Han was in a daze.

She had been defeated multiple times.

However, she had only lost to Feng Wu in terms of cultivation achievements until now, which was why she could still fight back before.

What she had just witnessed shattered all her hopes.

She felt she didn’t deserve to be Feng Wu’s opponent.

Everything she had done so far seemed so childish and ridiculous.