Chapter 2908: Show Off (2)

If Shan Jingfei saw this…

“Better that she didn’t. If she did, she would probably lose all hope,” thought Ye Han.

Chaoge was so happy as she led the other girls toward Feng Wu.

“Let’s go.” She tugged at Ye Han’s sleeve.

Ye Han usually would be the first to criticize Feng Wu, but she had the highest respect for that girl now.


She walked a few steps behind Duan Chaoge and watched Chaoge hug Feng Wu. Feeling so inferior, she didn’t dare move closer.

Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment.

Why did Ye Han look so humble?

“Ye Han, what’s the matter?” Feng Wu asked. “Do you not feel well?”

Ye Han was almost in tears.

She was horrible to Feng Wu, but Feng Wu didn’t hold any grudge against her. Feng Wu had such a superior status, but she still treated everybody like her equal. Ye Han decided Feng Wu, instead of Zuo Qingluan, was the one she should support.

“Feng Wu, I’m on your side!” Ye Han waved at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was confused. “What?’

Ye Han said, “I’ll place my bet on you and His Royal Highness! Please kick Zuo Qingluan’s ass!”

Feng Wu’s mouth fell open.

Before she could say anything, Ye Han blushed and ran off, feeling so embarrassed for having expressed her admiration for her idol.

Feng Wu said, “Hey! Stop!”

But Ye Han had already run out of sight.

Feng Wu was speechless.

She tried to explain to the others, “There’s nothing between Jun Linyuan and me! Please believe me!”

Chen Ziyun patted her on the shoulder. “Xiao Wu, don’t. You’ll only sound like you’re trying to cover something up.”

Sun Yu said, “Xiao Wu, we’ll think you’re making up stories.”

Chu Qu said, “Xiao Wu, please go on. We don’t mind your stories.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Although she was secretly pleased to be associated with Jun Linyuan, she would insist that she only had the tiniest bit of feeling for him.

It was so complicated that she would rather throw some punches.

She still had to take revenge. She didn’t have time for puppy love!

Her mission was to revive her beautiful master.

Feng Wu said, “I don’t care what you say. I’m not going to admit it!”

Not everybody was happy after the competition.

Imperial College won a generous award, and Military Academy almost lost everything.

The Military Academy wanted to keep it a secret, but Imperial College wouldn’t let that happen.

Therefore, they started telling everybody about it.

They even spread the news inside Military Academy and to people outside the campus.

The news wouldn’t have spread so fast if it was only a battle between the two schools.

However, the Divine Phoenix Blood was involved.

What an exciting piece of news!

Before long, all the major families heard about Feng Wu’s Divine Phoenix Blood.

The imperial palace was no exception.

Who were the main players in the empire?

There were nine families, four forces, and two schools.

As soon as they learned the news, they were all blown away!