Chapter 2910: Show Off (4)

The white fairy stared at Fairy in astonishment.

She knew about Master Phoenix, and she knew Chu Tianxiao was Feng Wu’s third senior brother and that Master Mu was Feng Wu’s master. However, she never thought the girl would have Divine Phoenix Blood!

How could anyone be so lucky?

Was she really the Chosen One?

The white fairy gave Feng Wu an envious glance before walking away.


Feng Wu said, “White Fairy…”

The white fairy shouted without looking back, “I need a moment to calm down!”

That was how any ordinary person would react.

Feng Wu shrugged; she knew the white fairy was just having a grumpy moment, and would soon go back to normal.

The whole world seemed to have been agitated by her Divine Phoenix Blood, and Fallen Star Yard was the only safe haven.

Her beautiful mother was as innocent as ever.

Chaoge still trusted her unconditionally.

Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao were still hardworking people, and Qiuling spared no effort in her cultivation.

The imperial palace.


Emperor Wu almost fell off his chair when he heard the news.

Master Gao, the eunuch, nodded with a smile. “Your Majesty, the news is everywhere. They all know that Miss Feng Wu has the unique Divine Phoenix Blood!”

Emperor Wu’s eyes became frighteningly bright.

He grabbed Master Gao’s arm so hard that Master Gao thought his bones would crack.

The emperor was no longer a young man, but he moved so fast.

“What did you say? The Divine Phoenix Blood? My precious daughter-in-law has that bloodline?!

“Are you sure?!” Emperor Wu’s eyes sparkled.

Master Gao suspected that if he said no, His Majesty would break his neck.

There was a bright smile on Master Gao’s face.

“Your Majesty, of course I’m sure. The crown prince’s future wife has the Divine Phoenix Blood. Imagine how bright their children will be.” Master Gao chuckled.

Emperor Wu jumped to his feet.

He put his hands behind his back and paced around in the spacious study.

The Divine Phoenix Blood?

For real?

My family is so blessed!

Is it true? Can it be a lie? thought the emperor.

“Summon the crown prince!

“Find people who watched the competition. I want people from both schools!” Emperor Wu rubbed his hands and took a deep breath as he tried to calm his pounding heart.

Ordinary people thought the Divine Phoenix Blood was just a more impressive bloodline than the True Phoenix Blood.

The influential forces knew Master Mu had that bloodline.

Only the imperial family knew the secret of that bloodline.


Emperor Wu was so excited.

People from both schools arrived before the crown prince did.

Emperor Wu talked to them in person.

From their statements, Emperor Wu was almost certain that his daughter-in-law indeed had the Divine Phoenix Blood.