Chapter 2925: Amazing Teenager

Her father gave her a stern look. “His Royal Highness may be young, but the older generations have recognized his capability. This friendly battle won’t hurt him.”

He was displeased with Jun Linyuan, too.

The crown prince charged into his home with a sword. Not only did he destroy the family’s dream, he also threatened to kill his daughter.


Zuo Ming thought the crown prince was utterly arrogant to challenge old Mr. Zuo. It was time for him to learn a lesson.


Zuo Ming never considered that possibility.

People like his father had gone through many struggles and survived many wars.

Not many people in that generation were still alive, but their power was beyond Jun Linyuan’s reach.


Yes, the crown prince was extremely talented, but it was too early for him to defeat the old man.

“He needs a few more years,” Zuo Ming said confidently.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi looked at each other, both feeling anxious.

“That idiot!

“Why did he challenge that terrifying old man so suddenly?

“If he really wants to do that, why couldn’t he wait a few more years?!”

Everybody was waiting anxiously.


The sky seemed to be torn open, and a figure fell from the sky.

“Boss Jun!” Feng Xun cried out.


The figure fell so fast that by the time they realized it, it had smashed into the ground, creating a large crater.

Dust filled the air.

It was nighttime, so no one could see very clearly.

The barrier disappeared, and people could finally enter the courtyard.

Feng Xun pushed the door open and ran toward the crater in the ground.

“Boss Jun! Boss Jun, are you alright?!”

He was about to jump into the crater, when another person slowly landed.

His black robe was spotless.

The lower hem of his robe flapped in the wind, adding to his charm.

His eyes looked like the brightest stars in the night sky.

He pointed Sky Destroyer at the crater.

There was blood on the tip of the sword.

The blood dripped on the ground and soaked into the dust.

Feng Xun stopped short.

“Boss Jun?” He was dumbfounded.

Boss Jun was alright.

Then, who was the man lying in the crater?

There was only one possibility.

Feng Xun wasn’t the only one who was astonished.

Zuo Ming and Zuo Qingluan were horrified.


They stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief.

They knew the young man was more handsome than anybody they knew, but they didn’t expect to see such a demonstration of power.

In the crater was old Mr. Zuo, the pillar of the family.

Zuo Ming’s legs gave out, and he dropped to his knees.

Zuo Qingluan froze on the spot.

Jun Linyuan had destroyed the one person she could depend on.


She didn’t know what to say, and her head went blank.

Jun Linyuan never looked at her.

He only looked at the crater and smirked. “Zuo Chengfeng, if you break the agreement, you know what’ll happen!”

He walked away after that.

When he was gone, no one made a sound.

The old man slowly crawled out of the crater.