Chapter 2927: Jun Linyuan Loves Feng Wu

“Grandpa, please help me! It’ll help the family, too! Grandpa, don’t you want Jun Linyuan as your grandson-in-law?

“Father, talk to Grandpa.” Zuo Qingluan urged Zuo Ming.

Zuo Ming looked at Zuo Chengfeng. “Father…”

Zuo Chengfeng cut him off.

With half of his face charred, Zuo Chengfeng didn’t look as composed as usual.

A moment ago, he had been smiling at Jun Linyuan while sipping his tea, but now, he had been defeated.

His current condition was a stark contrast to how he had looked before.

“Zuo Qingluan.” Zuo Chengfeng took a deep breath, the look on his face extremely serious.

“Remember everything I’m going to say next.

“You must brand it in your memory!

“Jun Linyuan loves Feng Wu, not you!

“He chose me as his opponent because he wanted to punish me to set an example.”

Zuo Chengfeng’s face was livid.

The old man used to be an approachable character. He even looked kind when he was angry. However, he seemed sinister and furious now.

Hatred burned in his chest. Jun Linyuan hadn’t destroyed his fury. Zuo Chengfeng only hid it deeper.

“Do you know why I said that?” he asked Zuo Qingluan.

Zuo Qingluan shook her head.

Zuo Chengfeng said patiently, “Let me tell you why.

“The entire empire is coveting Feng Wu’s Divine Phoenix Blood now, and Jun Linyuan chose to challenge me because when he defeats me, no one will dare touch Feng Wu.”

Zuo Qingluan’s heart was pounding.

She shook her head and wouldn’t believe it.

Zuo Chengfeng moved closer. “Do you know why Jun Linyuan chose me?”

Zuo Qingluan shook her head.

Zuo Chengfeng said, “He probably knows what we did to Feng Wu five years ago, but he can’t be bothered to gather the evidence.

“According to him, he didn’t fall in love with Feng Wu five years ago, so he didn’t intervene.

“From now on, he will be there to protect Feng Wu. If anyone touches her, he’ll destroy their whole family.

“What a shame. Such an outstanding young man fell head over heels for a girl.”

Zuo Qingluan was dumbfounded.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“No, that’s not true!

“I won’t believe it! I can’t!

“Jun Linyuan, if I can’t have you, I’d rather die!”

She clenched her fists and couldn’t listen to anything.

Zuo Chengfeng glanced at her and knew what she was thinking, so he said to Zuo Ming, “I’ve made some arrangements. She’ll be sent to Peace Grassland. I believe the war there can quench her fury. If she learns something from it, the Zuo family will still have a future.”

He waved his hand after that.

A man dressed in black walked out of the shadows.

Zuo Chengfeng nodded at him.

The man picked up Zuo Qingluan and disappeared in a few leaps.

They could still hear Zuo Qingluan yelling.

“Let go of me!

“Grandpa, I don’t want to go to Peace Grassland!

“I’m sorry, Grandpa! I want to stay here! I want His Royal Highness!”