Chapter 2932: Leave Me Alone

The girl meticulously examined the boy’s body, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her face.

His eyes were sparkling.

Feng Wu frowned when she saw the palm print on Jun Linyuan’s chest.

“Who did this to you?!”

Jun Linyuan thought, She looks like an angry bunny.

He snorted. “I burned one side of his entire body. I won that battle.”

Feng Wu jabbed his head with a finger. “Don’t brag.”

The crown prince had to remain silent.

Feng Wu put some treatment powder on his chest. “What was the fight about?”

The crown prince looked at her with sparkling eyes.

He quickly looked away when their eyes met, pretending that he hadn’t been looking at her.

Feng Wu said, “Who did you want to teach a lesson this time? Why were you fighting in the middle of the night? What did you do to yourself?”

The crown prince mumbled, “None of your business!”

Feng Wu said, “I’m asking you for your own good. Do you know how severe your injury is? The internal injury is much worse than the external ones. Luckily, you’re strong enough. An ordinary person would be dead by now.”

The crown prince snapped, “I told you, it’s none of your business!”


He wanted to get up and leave, but he was too weak to move a muscle.

Feng Wu just poked him with one finger, and he fell back onto the bed.

Feng Wu said, “Are you a kid? You want to run back home whenever you’re angry.”

The crown prince ground his teeth.

Other people might fear to upset Jun Linyuan, but Feng Wu didn’t. “Why are there two layers of injuries? Did you fight twice tonight?”

The crown prince didn’t reply.

Feng Wu stared at him. “You were badly injured in your first battle, but you still had another battle. Are you an idiot?!”

The crown prince looked away and wouldn’t meet her eyes.

What should he say? He could have protected himself from getting injured, but he activated all his spiritual essence to create that shocking effect. As a result, he had wounds one on top of each other.

Feng Wu said angrily, “Feng Xun didn’t stop you?!”

The crown prince was glad to see this, and he nodded. “Yes!”

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan. “When you get angry, a hundred Feng Xuns put together can’t stop you. You can’t blame him!”

The crown prince looked at Feng Wu.

He was so good-looking, and his eyes were like the brightest stars in the sky.

However, those stars were staring at her now. What could she do?

She no longer felt so angry.

She told Jun Linyuan, “You’re very strong, but don’t do that again. Use your sword.”

But I would do anything for you, the crown prince thought.

Feng Wu asked, “Is that clear?”

The crown prince said, “Yes.”

Feng Wu suddenly realized how obedient Jun Linyuan was being today.

He had always been so proud, and she could never make him listen to her.

But he was being so lovely now.