Chapter 2935: How Did I Do?

Feng Wu asked, “What agreement?”

Emperor Wu asked, “Do you really want to know? You won’t be able to unhear it.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

She thought for a few seconds before nodding solemnly. “Please tell me!”

Emperor Wu was serious. “I talked to Zuo Chengfeng afterward and learned what their agreement was.”

Feng Wu looked at him.

Emperor Wu said, “Zuo Chengfeng has agreed not to get involved in the competition between you and Zuo Qingluan.”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Emperor Wu asked, “You understand what that’s about?”

Feng Wu said, “So, Jun Linyuan made sure that the competition would only be between Zuo Qingluan and me. No matter how miserably she loses, her family can’t get involved. Is that it?”

Emperor Wu nodded. “If the Zuo family dares try anything, Jun Linyuan will support you and help you handle the seniors of the Zuo family.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Jun Linyuan had made sure the senior members of the Zuo family wouldn’t interfere.

All Feng Wu needed to do was take care of Zuo Qingluan; she wouldn’t be distracted by her family.

“He did more than that. Do you know what he did? He destroyed the marriage proposal gifts sent by many families.”

“What gifts?” Feng Wu was perplexed.

“The whole empire knows you have the Divine Phoenix Blood, and many people have plans for you. With a single strike, he created a ten-meter wide gap in the ground 15km outside the imperial capital.

“The common folk in the capital city won’t have fresh vegetables to eat today because the vendors can’t cross the wide gap. Do you know how much trouble he has caused?” Emperor Wu put his hands behind his back and arrogantly paced around the room.

He also glanced at Feng Wu from time to time and exchanged knowing looks with Master Gao.

He was obviously up to something.

Feng Wu was still dazed by the information, or she would have realized that Emperor Wu was putting in a good word for his son.

“He did all that to protect you!” Emperor Wu concluded.

Feng Wu said, “What? What are you talking about?”

She couldn’t stand it when other people were too nice to her.

She didn’t want to owe other people favors, and would want to return them right away.

She felt undeserving after hearing what Jun Linyuan had done for her.

That explained his severe wounds.

He fought Zuo Chengfeng first before making that strike 15km outside the city. What a day!

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

After everything he did for her, he didn’t tell her anything.

Feng Wu headed for the door.

Emperor Wu feigned a concerned tone. “Xiao Wu, where are you going? I haven’t finished yet. Xiao Wu?”

Feng Wu was soon out of sight, and Emperor Wu turned to ask someone hidden in the shadows. “Feng, how did I do?”


There he was, the steward whom Feng Wu had been looking everywhere for.

So much was going on in Feng Wu’s head that she felt both happy and confused. It was so overwhelming that she couldn’t make a decision.

However, she knew there was something she needed to do now.

He had done so much for her Divine Phoenix Blood and had even gotten injured for it. Instead of thanking him, she made him upset.

If she were him, she knew she would have exploded by now.