Chapter 2938: Who Did It?

An hour later, Qiuling’s voice came from outside.

“Miss, Miss —”

The crown prince glared at the door.

Qiuling might have improved, but she hadn’t reached the Spiritual Lord stage yet. Sensing the crown prince’s cold energy, she felt her blood curdle.

She immediately stopped talking.

Hearing the noise, Feng Wu wanted to go outside.

The crown prince frowned. “Don’t go!”

Feng Wu looked back at Jun Linyuan and saw him staring at her like an abandoned puppy.

She felt butterflies in her stomach.

She said softly, “I’m going to tell Qiuling your condition. My family doesn’t know you’re here yet. They’ll be frightened by the news.”

Jun Linyuan asked, “Do I look that frightening?”

Feng Wu was amused.

She said, “You’re good-looking, but your prominent status is quite scary. I’ll be right back. There are some books on the desk. Feel free to have a look.”

Feng Wu then left the room, ignoring his reluctance.

Qiuling heard every word of their conversation.

Granny Zhao, Qiuling and the beautiful lady were all there.

Qiuling was so scared that she could barely speak. “His Royal Highness… His Royal Highness…”

She pointed at the room as she spoke.

Feng Wu nodded. “Yes, he’s inside.”

“Miss, did he kidnap you?” Qiuling was almost in tears.

Her mistress normally couldn’t stay far away enough from the crown prince. Why would she let him into her room?

“I’ll do anything to keep you safe, Miss Wu!” Qiuling wanted to rush into the room.

She knew her strength was puny in comparison, but she still wouldn’t give up.

Feng Wu stopped her.

Just then, Chaoge rushed into the courtyard.

She said, “Xiao Wu, everybody knows about your Divine Phoenix Blood now. I heard so many major families want to marry you to their sons!

“I’m sure the Zuo family will try to plot against you again, but we won’t let that happen! We’ll protect you!” Chaoge clenched her fists.

Qiuling and Granny Zhao nodded. Neither of them would let anyone mistreat Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was speechless.

Before she could speak, she heard hasty footsteps outside.

“Miss Wu, I heard some shocking news!” Uncle Qiu ran into the courtyard. “Something happened in the Zuo family last night, and nearly half of the manor has disappeared! I heard they were struck by lightning in the middle of the night!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead!

“There are many carriages and trunks 15km outside the city. Judging from the emblems on them, they’re from several different families.”

Chaoge grabbed her sword. “They’re here to propose to Xiao Wu! How annoying! I’ll kick them out!”

Qiuling and Granny Zhao were worried. There were so few of them. How were they going to get rid of the big families?

Uncle Qiu stopped Chaoge. “Miss Duan, please let me finish. The carriages and trunks were all over the ground, as if somebody had robbed the owners.”


Feng Wu rubbed her temples. She knew what had happened. Of course, Jun Linyuan wouldn’t have struck just once.