Chapter 2939: Was It Yu Mingye?

Even if Jun Linyuan only struck once, Feng Xun wouldn’t let those people leave so easily. He would force them to leave something behind.

Chaoge was surprised. “Really? Were they robbed?”

Uncle Qiu said, “Yes, I checked it myself. There’s a ten-meter wide gap in the ground that runs for tens of kilometers!”

Chaoge asked, “Who dug it?”

Uncle Qiu said, “I heard it was created with a sword.”

Chaoge said, “Wow! Who did that? I want to be their student!”

Inside, Jun Linyuan felt both abashed and proud. He even smiled a little.

Fallen Star Yard was particularly crowded today.

They were still chatting when Feng Xun and Xuan Yi arrived.

Feng Xun rubbed his shoulders and back as if he was tired. He said to Xuan Yi, “I was so tired last night. That strike, I’m telling you…”

“Feng Xun!” Chaoge’s eyes lit up, and she grabbed Feng Xun’s sleeve. “You know who did it, don’t you? You know the person who got rid of the proposal gifts!”

The crown prince grew nervous.


He cleared his throat as a warning to Feng Xun.

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched because Boss Jun had told him not to tell anybody, so he told Chaoge, “Who else do you think could have done that? It’s so easy to guess.”

“Was it Master Linghu?” Chaoge guessed.

Feng Xun said, “Do you think Master Linghu has nothing better to do than meddle in mundane things?”

The crown prince cleared his throat again.

Realizing what he had said, Feng Xun wanted to slap himself. “You’ve met him before. You’ll be able to guess without me saying anything. I’m starving. Xuan Yi, let’s get some breakfast.”

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Wu and left with Feng Xun without saying a word.

Feng Wu didn’t notice the glance because she was thinking about Jun Linyuan.

Chaoge was still guessing. “Who is it?”

Feng Wu said, “Don’t worry. Nobody will try to steal my Divine Phoenix Blood again.”

Qiuling was pleasantly surprised. “Really? Are you sure? How’s that possible? They coveted your True Phoenix Blood. Are you sure your Divine Phoenix Blood is safe?”

Up on the wall, Feng Xun said, “Zuo Qingluan has been sent to Peace Grassland. What do you think?”

He jumped off the wall after that.

Qiuling was amazed. “Zuo Qingluan was really sent away? And those annoying families, too? Xiao Wu will have some peace again. Who is that secret person?”

Chaoge said, “Xiao Wu, after what they did for you, how will you thank them?”

She didn’t know that Jun Linyuan was inside.

The closed door couldn’t keep the crown prince from hearing her.

Feng Wu looked at Chaoge in resignation. “Don’t you have better things to do?”

Chaoge looked at Feng Wu. “Could it be Yu Mingye? That sounds like something he would do.”

The crown prince had been smiling, but he couldn’t smile now.