Chapter 2943: I Don’t Like Her Hands

Feng Wu glanced at Jun Linyuan, feeling proud of her work.

The crown prince gave her a meaningful look.

Feng Wu said, “Shall I ask Granny Zhao to make a pair for you?”

The crown prince didn’t cheer up.

Feng Wu asked, “Two pairs?”

The crown prince looked even more unhappy.

Feng Wu said, “Shall I make them myself?”

The crown prince finally looked at her, but his tone was still very proud. “Make them here. Otherwise, how will I know if they were made by you?”

That way, she would have to stay by his side.

Feng Wu didn’t know what the crown prince’s preference was. He had made her embroider two ducks before, and knew how poor her skills were. Why would he want her to make him some slippers?

But if he wasn’t worried, why should she be?

She started right away.

Feng Wu asked Qiuling to bring in the materials for the fluffy slippers.

Qiuling didn’t dare look at the person on the bed when she came in. It was so scary!

She was worried that Feng Wu couldn’t do it, but when she sensed the crown prince’s cold energy, she put down the basket and ran for the door.

She summoned up her courage to look at the person on the bed before closing the door. One glance, and she thought she would faint.

That relentless crown prince was wearing such an adorable sleeping robe!

Was he really the cold-blooded crown prince?

Qiuling wasn’t as bold as Chaoge.


She didn’t dare look at him again.

She only breathed again once she closed the door behind her.

Granny Zhao and the others all wanted to know how things were going in the room, and the beautiful lady was very curious.

Qiuling whispered, “His Royal Highness isn’t angry…”

Granny Zhao wouldn’t believe it since the crown prince was so scary.

Qiuling said in a tiny voice, “His Royal Highness is wearing that bunny robe…”

Granny Zhao was astonished.

Qiuling said, “Yes. He doesn’t seem scary and almost looks adorable.”

Granny Zhao said, “Chaoge said the same thing.”

Both girls had called the relentless crown prince adorable.

Qiuling covered her mouth and shook her head.

She just felt that when His Royal Highness looked at her mistress, his eyes were so bright.

It was like her mistress had brought a god down to earth.

Inside, Feng Wu glanced at Jun Linyuan again. “I need to warn you, my sewing is mediocre at best.”

Jun Linyuan said, “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Feng Wu said, “I just don’t understand. Granny Zhao is such an expert, but you won’t let her make the slippers for you.”

The crown prince glared at Feng Wu. “Her hands don’t look nice!”

Feng Wu said, “Do you pick the eggs you eat by how pretty the hens look?”

The crown prince almost choked.

Feng Wu was gleeful when she saw the crown prince flush, but she couldn’t show it, or he would get angry again.

She focused on the fluffy slippers.

She made a pair that matched the robe with dangling rabbit ears.

The ears would sway as he walked, which would be cute.

The crown prince didn’t know what to say.

Feng Wu showed him the slippers with both hands. “Your Royal Highness, shall I put them on for you?”

The crown prince stared at her.

Just then —