Chapter 2944: Big Bad Wolf

Just then, footsteps came from outside!





“Granny Zhao!

“Uncle Qiu!”

They heard the excited voice of a teenager.

Feng Wu was thrilled.

That was Feng Xiaoqi!

It had been a long time since she last saw him.

He was back! He was alive!

Feng Wu tossed the slippers to the side and rushed off. The next second, she and Feng Xiaoqi were hugging each other in the courtyard.

Xiaoqi was only a year younger than Feng Wu.

They grew up together.

They went through the best and worst times together and had never been separated.

This was the first time that they had been apart for so long, and Feng Wu had missed him.

In her previous life, she had been a secret agent with little emotion, but this time around, she felt much softer inside because she needed to protect her family.

They were what motivated her to get better.

“I thought you were never coming back!” The boy had grown much taller, like a young tree. She squeezed his smooth cheeks.

It had only been six months, and he had changed so much.

“Ouch! That hurts!” Feng Xiaoqi jumped around.

It took Feng Wu a while to calm down and test Xiaoqi’s capability.

“You’re a Level 7 Spiritual Lord now!” Feng Wu was astonished.

He had improved so much in those six months!

Feng Xiaoqi said, “Master says it’s all thanks to the foundation you built for me. Once I started cultivating, I improved so fast.

“I won’t even need to take the exam to enter Imperial College. I can join the War Academy right away.”

Feng Wu asked, “Where’s Grand Secretary Fang?”

Feng Xiaoqi said, “We wouldn’t have come back so soon, but Master detected some unusual activity in the Dongsang Kingdom, so he went to see His Majesty, and sent me home first.”

Unusual activity in the Dongsang Kingdom… Feng Wu had a bad feeling.

With Northern Feng General guarding Peace Grassland, however, everything should be alright.

She soon put it aside and led Feng Xiaoqi inside. “I have a gift for you. Open your mouth.”

Feng Xiaoqi obediently opened his mouth.

“What is it? It tastes funny.” Feng Xiaoqi didn’t dare say it smelled like a toilet.

Feng Wu said, “It’s good stuff. There’s a bottle of it, and it’s all for you. Drink it again when you reach Level 9. You’ll then rise to the Spiritual King stage without getting stuck.”

“Really?” Feng Xiaoqi was surprised. “Master told me about the spirit wine that our school used to have.”

Feng Wu said, “That’s right. This is the spirit wine.”

Feng Xiaoqi’s eyes widened. He had such an amazing sister!

“Sister, you’re so nice to me! I’ll keep you safe! When I become a super capable cultivator, I’ll protect you from the crown prince! He’s a big bad wolf!”

“Shhh —”

Qiuling, Granny Zhao, and Uncle Qiu shushed him.

Feng Xiaoqi was bewildered.

The big bad wolf? A certain person smirked in the room.