Chapter 2947: Pride, the Biggest Enemy

However, Xiaoqi was dumbfounded when he heard the first question.

It felt like falling into a bottomless pit.

Whenever he looked back on this day, Xiaoqi would always feel like he had been tested by a god.

How could such a man exist in this world?

That man could comprehend everything almost instantly and could bring the understanding to the next level.

With a few casual comments, Xiaoqi could understand so many things he couldn’t figure out before.

Jun Linyuan only pointed out the shortcomings in his swordplay. The next time Xiaoqi used his sword, it felt like he was being reintroduced to it.

A casual dot Jun Linyuan drew on paper could contain so much secret knowledge. When Xiaoqi comprehended it, he rose to the next level.

Feng Xiaoqi was amazed.

His eyes sparkled.

Was this the world of geniuses?

He admired Jun Linyuan for his intelligence, his knowledge, and his skills… His everything.

Feng Xiaoqi used to admire Grand Secretary Fang for his wisdom and prudence, but all that paled in comparison with Jun Linyuan.

At first, Xiaoqi thought he would never give in.

He searched for books all over the city, determined to find something that Jun Linyuan didn’t understand.

However, after he asked all his friends and collected all the books he could find, he realized Jun Linyuan could explain anything on any random page he picked.

His explanation was even more comprehensive than what was written in the books.

Xiaoqi almost felt it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have such a brother-in-law.


“Stop it!”

Xiaoqi smacked his own head.

That man was just a little more clever and capable than other people.

“I won’t give in!”

The crown prince quickly finished a dozen abstract paintings.

Some contained a word, and some only had a single drop of ink on them.

It was as if he drew them on a whim.

Xiaoqi held the scrolls as if they were the most precious things in the world.

They were indeed precious!

Even Grand Secretary Fang asked him for one, not to mention other officials.

Feng Xiaoqi dried the paintings under the grape trellis. He then studied the first painting and started cultivating.

Feng Wu came out with the pill.

It was only semi-successful.

Semi-Divine pills weren’t that easy to make. Feng Wu rubbed her temples, put the pill in a box, and came out of the room.

She was surprised to see Feng Xiaoqi cultivating under the grape trellis.

It had only been two days, but he felt different.

The impulsive and arrogant feelings brought by his rapid progress were gone. He was working very hard now.

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up.

She also knew that the rate of progress wasn’t the most important thing for a genius. What was important was to stay humble and modest.

Arrogance was a genius’s only enemy.

Because of his achievements, Xiaoqi had a sense of superiority.