Chapter 2949: Does It Hurt?

Feng Xiaoqi dashed off after that.

He needed to cultivate.

According to his brother-in-law, once he had finished comprehending the twelve paintings, there was another roomful of paintings at the crown prince’s residence. Feng Xiaoqi couldn’t wait to see them all.

Feng Wu was speechless.

Wasn’t she supposed to be his beloved sister?

Didn’t he say he would protect her from the big bad wolf?

“Feng Xiaoqi, you’re pushing your sister into a wolf’s den!

“Jun Linyuan, what did you do in the past two days?”

What she didn’t know was that because of the twelve paintings, she wouldn’t see her brother for a while.

He was focused on his cultivation.

Inside, a certain fiend was listening to the noise in the courtyard.

He smiled in satisfaction.

When he heard footsteps approaching, he jumped into bed and buried his head under the blanket.

“Will my hair get messy?”

He immediately sat up, smoothed down his hair, and grabbed a book from the bedside table. He only turned a page before Feng Wu came in after a knock.

She studied Jun Linyuan in amazement.

How could he achieve that in two days?

How did he completely change Xiaoqi’s attitude?

That was incredible!

The crown prince pretended he was too absorbed in the book to notice Feng Wu.

Realizing she was studying him, he put a hand on his chest and coughed weakly.

Feng Wu immediately came over and sat down by his side.

No matter what he did, his health was still the top priority.

Feng Wu handed him the semi-finished pill. “I made this Semi-Divine enhancement pill. Don’t stare at it. It’s my first time making it, so I made some errors. It’s only semi-finished, but it’s better than nothing. It’ll help your injury to recover 20% to 30%. Will you take it?”

Jun Linyuan was staring at her in silence, and Feng Wu thought he disliked the pill. She was upset.

“Forget it. I’ll…”

Feng Wu took back the pill and turned to leave, but he grabbed her hand.

Before Feng Wu knew it, he yanked her, and she fell into his arms.

He was still severely injured and couldn’t withstand her weight.

Feng Wu blushed and wanted to stand up.

However, he was holding her by her shoulder, and she couldn’t break free.

Surprised, she turned her head and stared at him. “How’s your chest? Did I hurt you?”

Feng Wu had examined him, and the injury was very severe.

Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered like a starry night.

He didn’t care about his injury.

He just wanted to kiss her.


He wanted to tell everybody how amazing his girl was.

She was so young, but she was already making Semi-Divine pills! She was the smartest girl in the world!

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Feng Wu untied his robe, and his fair skin was exposed.

The handprint was still on his chest, but it was less swollen than before.

Feng Wu touched the wound, and Jun Linyuan sucked in his breath.

Feng Wu was perplexed. “Does it hurt a lot?”