Chapter 2951: One Moment

The footsteps sounded somewhat familiar.

Feng Wu said, “I’ll have a look.”

Jun Linyuan nodded.

Feng Wu answered the door herself.

Master Gao was outside.

Feng Wu remembered the way he was when she last saw him a couple of days ago. He seemed quite cheerful back then, but his expression was rather gloomy and nervous now.

“Has something happened?” Feng Wu had a bad feeling.

Master Gao nodded and asked, “Is His Royal Highness here?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes.”

Master Gao represented the emperor, so Emperor Wu must have sent him here.

Feng Wu didn’t know what Master Gao said, but Jun Linyuan soon came out in his own clothes.

He stopped in front of Feng Wu and looked into her eyes.

He had so many things to say, but he only wrapped his arms around her.

Feng Wu wanted to push him away.

His voice was hoarse. “Just for a moment.”

Why was there sadness in his voice?

Feng Wu was perplexed.

Before she realized it, Jun Linyuan had released her and marched off.

Feng Wu blurted out, “I’ll make the Semi-Divine enhancement pill soon! I’ll wait for you!”

The crown prince paused. He clenched his fists in his sleeves and fought back the impulse to look back at her.

He then walked away.

Feng Wu felt awful.

It was as if a big hand was squeezing her heart.

What happened?

She looked at Master Gao.

Master Gao gave her an apologetic look and quickly followed Jun Linyuan.

They mounted their horses and rode out of sight.

“Where’s my brother-in-law?”

Xiaoqi had just finished comprehending a painting and wanted to show off to his brother-in-law, only to come out and see the crown prince ride away.

“Is my brother-in-law alright?” He had become used to addressing the crown prince that way.

Only then did Feng Wu recover from her emotional moment. “Watch your language.”

Xiaoqi nodded but still asked, “Where is my brother-in-law going?”

Feng Wu wished she knew the answer, but Jun Linyuan had left without a word.

“Men are so unreliable!”

Feng Wu went back to her refinement room and wanted to finish making that pill, but she felt distracted.

The pill didn’t work out. In less than two hours, the refinement failed.

Feng Wu was speechless.

All kinds of ideas rushed through her mind.

Was there a revolt? It shouldn’t be. Emperor Wu was a popular ruler.

Had there been an assassination attempt on Emperor Wu? If that was the case, they should have brought her along.

Was Emperor Wu dead?

Or was the empress dowager dead?


Feng Wu sat on her bed with her arms around her knees and didn’t sleep for the whole night. She couldn’t think of anything that would make Jun Linyuan have that reaction.

If she didn’t get an answer, she would drive herself crazy.

The sky had just begun to turn bright when Feng Wu arrived at Northern Feng Mansion to try and get an answer from Feng Xun.

He wasn’t there.