Chapter 2955: Night Owl

The look on Emperor Wu’s face became serious.

“Their succession system requires parricide.

“Do you know what that is?”

Feng Wu shook her head, but she had a feeling that it involved something very cruel.

Emperor Wu said solemnly, “When one of the princes takes the throne, he has the right to kill all his brothers, and he has to do that.

“It’s written in their law.”

Feng Wu took a deep breath.

Emperor Wu said, “Their kings don’t have queens or wives. They only have female slaves.

“All the princes are born from these slaves and are treated as equal. They’re brought up in a strict environment, and the most powerful prince will take the throne.”

Feng Wu took another deep breath.

Emperor Wu asked, “Do you think that gives them a great chance of producing powerful princes?”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yes. They’ll have a high chance of producing geniuses.”

Emperor Wu said, “All the kings of Dongsang were their strongest princes, not ones born from a queen.”

Feng Wu sighed. “That’s why the Dongsang Kingdom is only a tenth of our size, but they can constantly invade our border.”

Emperor Wu nodded. “Their people are very united.”

Feng Wu had to admit that the Dongsang Kingdom was frighteningly powerful because they were cruel enough.

However —

“Your Majesty, why did you say it has something to do with His Royal Highness?” Feng Wu asked eagerly.

Emperor Wu said, “Just like we have Junjun, the Dongsang Kingdom also has a genius.

“He’s been made the crown prince in advance, and his name is Night Owl.”

Night Owl? As in the bird?

Feng Wu couldn’t understand why the people here would find that name imposing.

However, she still took it seriously since it concerned Jun Linyuan.


“What about Night Owl?” she asked.

Emperor Wu didn’t reply, and just gave her a stack of files to read.

Feng Wu read the information on Night Owl.

He was a very powerful enemy.

He spent almost all his time on cultivation.

He was born to be a powerful fighter.

He had mastered three elements, and became a Spiritual King before he was thirteen.

Feng Wu felt inferior because she was fourteen now and was still a Spiritual King.

At sixteen, he reached the Spiritual Overlord stage.

That was the stage directly above Spiritual King.

Very few people in the empire were at that stage.

Elder Wu and Gongshu Hongzhu, whom Feng Wu had met during the competition, were Spiritual Overlords.

Feng Wu read the next line out loud. “At twenty, he became a Spiritual Saint…”

She had never dealt with that stage before and wasn’t familiar with it.

Emperor Wu explained, “Old Mr. Zuo, the old master whom Junjun defeated the other day, is a Spiritual Saint.”

Feng Wu remembered Emperor Wu had told her before that Jun Linyuan was a few levels below Zuo Chengfeng.

Emperor Wu nodded. “Junjun is a Spiritual Saint as well.”