Chapter 2956: Sky Destroyer vs. Fierce Sun

He added, “Most of the elders in the major families are at that stage, too.”

Feng Wu said, “His Royal Highness isn’t 20 yet, so he’s more talented than Night Owl.”

“But he’s injured.” Emperor Wu rubbed his chin. “I don’t know how severely he was wounded in the battle against Zuo Chengfeng.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

She knew the answer to that question.

“It was very severe!” said Feng Wu. “He’s suffering from a severe injury and has recovered only 50% in the past few days.”

“50%?!” Emperor Wu almost jumped to his feet. “He told me he was mostly recovered!”

Feng Wu was speechless.

She was overwhelmed by guilt and anxiety.

“He’s only halfway through his recovery. I’m sure of it!” Feng Wu jumped to her feet. “What’s so special about Night Owl? Why does Jun Linyuan have to go?”

Emperor Wu was equally anxious. “That’s because only Junjun can suppress Night Owl’s attack.

“The battle is led by Night Owl himself.

“He has been attacking our strongholds as if no one’s there to guard them.

“The principals of Imperial College and the Military Academy are both there, but Dongsang also sent two Spiritual Saints to match the challenge.

“Junjun’s Sky Destroyer is the only thing that can withstand Night Owl’s Fierce Sun, which is why he was sent to Peace Grassland so urgently. If our army can’t stop this wave of attack, Northern Border City will be invaded, and the enemy will arrive at the imperial capital three days after that.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

She really didn’t know what to say.

Why did this happen right after Jun Linyuan and Zuo Chengfeng’s battle?

“Does the Dongsang Kingdom know about His Royal Highness’s injury?” Feng Wu got right to the point.

Emperor Wu looked into her eyes.

Feng Wu said, “If they do, how did they get that information? Who else knew Zuo Chengfeng injured His Royal Highness?”


Emperor Wu said, “I’ll look into it right away!”

Feng Wu said, “Jun Linyuan’s injury is the most important thing. How many days do you think their battle will last?”

Emperor Wu said, “Battles between two capable cultivators like them can take more than a few days.

Feng Wu said, “Will it last ten days?”

Emperor Wu said, “It’s possible.”

Feng Wu nodded. “I know what to do. I’ll prepare right away.”

She turned to leave.

Emperor Wu asked, “Where are you going?”

Feng Wu said, “The Semi-Divine enhancement pill!”

She walked back and extended an open palm. “I need the token to the palace’s medicine storage room now! I need access to everything!”

Emperor Wu gave her an imperial seal before he realized what he had done.

Feng Wu dashed off, running as fast as the wind.

Only then did Emperor Wu say, “What did she say? The Semi-Divine enhancement pill?”

Master Gao nodded.

Emperor Wu asked, “Is she going to make it herself?”

Master Gao said, “I think that’s what Miss Feng meant.”

Emperor Wu said, “Has she lost her mind? She’ll need another 30 years before she can do that!”