Chapter 3404: I’ll Leave Jun Linyuan (3)

Jun Linyuan smirked. “Master Duanmu, how am I supposed to punish you for trying to fool me like this?

“Should I cut you into pieces?”

Jun Linyuan’s voice was light, and the corners of his lips curled up, but the bloodlust in his voice almost scared Master Duanmu out of his wits.

Master Duanmu’s legs went weak.

However, Master Duanmu lived up to his name. Anyone else would have dropped to their knees at Jun Linyuan’s words, but Master Duanmu was still standing.

He took a deep breath and told himself to calm down. He was the best inscription master in Nest, and the crown prince wouldn’t do anything to him!

After making up his mind, Master Duanmu finally summoned the courage to look up at Jun Linyuan. “Your Royal Highness, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Leaning forward, Jun Linyuan rested one hand on the table and stared at Master Duanmu with a smile. “You won’t admit to your crimes, Master Duanmu. How dare you try to fool me with these things?!”

Jun Linyuan smashed the pile of paper into Master Duanmu’s face!

Master Duanmu fell to the ground.

The temperature seemed to plummet.

Everyone stared at the crown prince in horror.

Was the crown prince… going to lose his temper?

Could there really be a problem with Master Duanmu’s designs? But that wasn’t right. Master Duanmu looked very confident, and he had drawn everything on the spot.

Elder Wu and Elder Yin looked at each other and wondered if they should stand up for Master Duanmu.

But in the end, they didn’t.

If it had been Emperor Wu, they would have stood up for Duanmu, because no matter how angry Emperor Wu was, he wouldn’t kill anyone. He cared about his reputation.

But Jun Linyuan was different. He could kill someone when he was angry.

No matter how important a person was, if they offended the crown prince… Master Duanmu’s heart trembled, and he gritted his teeth. Seeing that no one was speaking up for him, he finally mustered his courage. “Your Royal Highness, you’re slandering me for a little maid. That’s just…”

“Just what?” Jun Linyuan snorted.

Master Duanmu said, “It’s just too cruel!”

“Cruel?” Jun Linyuan smirked. He was going to show Master Duanmu what cruelty was.

However, before Jun Linyuan could do anything, Feng Wu stepped forward. She looked at Master Duanmu with pity. “Master Duanmu, at this point, shouldn’t you stop slandering people? You may get away with slandering others, but how dare you slander Jun Linyuan? You’re such a piece of work.” Master Duanmu said, “You’re echoing each other and colluding to frame me. I want to go to the capital to lodge a complaint. His Majesty will help me!” Either because of Feng Wu or Master Duanmu’s accusation, the crown prince finally calmed down. Leaning back in his chair, he kept his gaze on Feng Wu. Feng Wu looked at Master Duanmu in resignation. “When this is over, if you still have the courage, go to the capital and sue us. No one will stop you. Let’s get back to business.”

Feng Wu picked up the papers that Master Duanmu had drawn. “You’re right with the first six pages, but at your level of inscriptions, you can only reach that far.

“You’ve been making mistakes since page seven.”

Feng Wu took out a red pen and began to draw circles on the designs..