Chapter 3869: Take You to the Patriarch (2)

“Bring Little Zhao here. Your father needs him.”

Before the prince could reply, Feng Wu was dragged away by Patriarch Huyan.

The prince was speechless.

Just then, she heard a familiar voice. “You’re still here?”

Turning around, the prince saw that it was Princess Rao. Right now, she was talking to the giant eagle and addressing it as “Grandpa”. The prince was speechless.

If he remembered it correctly, Feng Wu had been addressing the eagle as “Brother Eagle”.

Just then, the giant eagle prompted the prince. “Get on with your work!” The prince nodded immediately.

After the prince left, Princess Rao feigned a curious tone and asked what he was doing there.

The giant eagle glanced at her and warned her, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask! ”

Princess Rao had always been on friendly terms with the giant eagle. Hence, after being scolded, she lowered her head and put on a pitiful look.

The giant eagle was about to tell her something when it heard Feng Wu’s voice.

“Brother Eagle?”

The giant eagle forgot all about Princess Rao and immediately said, “Right away!”

It ran away.

Princess Rao stomped her foot in frustration.


What did she hear?

That was a familiar female voice, and she was sure that she had heard it somewhere before.

However, she couldn’t remember where she had heard that voice.

She looked at the wooden bucket under her feet and decided to get back to work.

Princess Rao was used to the work, but what she didn’t know was that the prince would see her when she worked.

The prince had brought Little Zhao here to look after his father as Feng Wu had instructed.

The king could get out of bed now, so the prince and Little Zhao helped him out. They were going to walk around in the courtyard when they saw someone scrubbing the floor.

The king didn’t recognize her at first, but Little Zhao did. “Isn’t that…”

Only then did the king look in that direction. One look and he was dumbfounded.

By then, he had recognized the person scrubbing the floor inch by inch. It was none other than his precious Princess Rao.

Scrubbing the floor?

Although it wasn’t a shameful thing to scrub the floor for the Patriarch, after all, she was here to serve the master. The king recalled what Rao Xi said earlier.

She said,

“The Patriarch likes me a lot. He often lets me go into the tower, saying that it’s full of spiritual essence and good for my health.

“He likes me a lot. He says why can’t a princess be the ruler? He’s on my side.

“The Patriarch likes me a lot. He said he would give me the Primary Heaven Pill, and I’m the only princess he likes.

“The Patriarch…

Emperor Yan looked suspicious.

Did the Patriarch like her, dote on her, and care for her as she said?

Before, the king didn’t think much of it, but now, he felt that something wasn’t right.

The prince felt he couldn’t add insult to injury, so he said, “Is the Patriarch letting her use this method to train her body? Isn’t she in poor health?” “Is that so?” The king wasn’t convinced.

“Let’s go back.” The king didn’t go to the princess. He let the other two walk him back to his stone room.

Just then, Feng Wu came out of another refinery room..