Chapter 3959: Princess Yan Ling

Lady Northern Feng glared at Mrs. Dugu.

Mrs. Dugu said innocently, “Isn’t that the case? Without the Dayan Empire, the

Junwu Empire would be the Junwu Empire. Now that the people of the Dayan

Empire are here, the Junwu Empire is no longer the Junwu Empire.”

Lady Northern Feng was furious, but she couldn’t deny that Mrs Dugu was telling the truth. It just didn’t sound nice.

“I see that the Junwu Empire still has some wise people.” Princess Yan Ling smirked and stared at Feng Wu. “Bring it on. I’ll show you how invincible the empire is!”

With a wave of her hand, the two capable cultivators next to her backed away. Meanwhile, Princess Yan Ling took out her whip.

It was a red whip with barbed thorns, resembling a venomous snake!

Before she could say anything, Princess Yan Ling struck first. With a smack, the red whip whipped down at Feng Wu’s face.

Instantly, spiritual essence filled the air.

With the whipping, the space between Feng Wu and Yan Ling became chaotic, and the atmosphere was very gloomy.

A short distance away, everyone drew in their breaths.

It was such a terrifying power!

“She’s at the peak of the Spiritual Overlord stage!”

As soon as Princess Yan Ling made her move, someone in the crowd spoke.

It was none other than Long Yanyi, the head of the Long family of Grey Dragon Valley.

The Long family sat very close to Lady Northern Feng, who asked, “Princess

Yan Ling is a peak Spiritual Overlord now?”

Long Yanyi took a deep breath and nodded. “That’s right. Princess Yan L ing has indeed reached the peak of the Spiritual Overlord stage, and she’s only a step away from the Spiritual Saint stage. That breakthrough may be today or in a few years.”

Lady Northern Feng asked anxiously, “What about Xiao Wu?”

Before, Lady Northern Feng could tell Feng Wu’s cultivation level, but in the past six months, she couldn’t anymore.

Long Yanyi watched as Princess Yanl Lng closed in with the red whip, but Feng Wu dodged. After a strike, Feng Wu ran away, while Princess Yan Ling ran after her.

“Wait a minute!”

Long Yanyi cried out.

“What happened? Just tell us!” Mrs. Long grabbed Long Yanyi’s sleeve and prompted him.

It was true. Because the battle had involved a cultivator at the peak of the Spiritual Overlord stage, many people didn’t understand it and were waiting for Long Yanyi’s explanation.

“What level is Xiao Wu now?”

“How many stances can she take?”

“How’s she doing?”

The two of them fought so fast that they left after images behind. It would be impossible for the others to follow.

“That’s so strange!” Long Yanyi suddenly smacked the table and rose to his feet. “How can this be? How?”

Lady Northern Feng wanted to kick him. What was that supposed to mean? Just say it!

Long Yanyi took a deep breath. “If I’m not mistaken, little Feng Wu is a peak

Spiritual Overlord as well? Am I seeing things?”

Long Yanyi had met Feng Wu a year ago. Back then, Feng Wu was only a Spiritual Lord, but now, she was a peak Spiritual Overlord!

Everyone shook their heads.

“That’s impossible! Feng Wu was only a junior Spiritual King when she graduated from Imperial College!”

“That’s right. She was only a junior Spiritual King when she went to the battlefield. How could she be a peak Spiritual Overlord now? How long has it been? A year?”

“It’s not a year yet.”

“That’s not possible!”

No one believed it.

Mrs. Dugu said, “That’s impossible!”

Long Yanyi smirked. “If that girl wasn’t a peak Spiritual Overlord, she wouldn’t have been able to withstand Princess Yan Ling’s attack for so long. They’ve been fighting for five minutes.”

Everyone fell silent.

It was true.

If Feng Wu hadn’t reached the peak of the Spiritual Overlord stage, she would never have been able to survive Princess Yan Ling’s attack.

Meanwhile, Princess Yan Ling was driven mad by Feng Wu.

It wasn’t because of Feng Wu’s capability but because of her speed!

She couldn’t force Feng Wu to fight her head-on, for Feng Wu was as nimble as a fish. She kept jumping around, and Princess Yan Ling’s whip couldn’t even touch her.

“Feng Wu, how dare you run away?!” Princess Yan Ling gritted her teeth.

She didn’t like the way she was now.

The Dayan Empire was several times more powerful than all the other kingdoms of the Junwu Continent put together. Therefore, when she came to the Junwu Continent, she was very condescending.

Just like when she was with Emperor Wu.

She was a princess of the Dayan Empire, and Emperor Wu was the ruler of a kingdom. They were of similar social status, so she didn’t want to show him anv resDect.

However, she didn’t expect that Feng Wu would play her like this.

“Stop right there!” Princess Yan Ling ran after Feng Wu with her whip.

But the longer she chased, the more disappointed she became.

She realized that Feng Wu was at least a Level-9 Spiritual Overlord.

The Junwu Empire was indeed full of unknown talented people!

They already had Jun Linyuan, and if they also had Feng Wu…

Just then, she heard a voice.

“Feng Wu has the Divine Phoenix Blood. That’s why she’s making such rapid progress!” It was Mrs Dugu again.

Lady Northern Feng grabbed Mrs Dugu. “Shut up!”

But she had said it, and it was too late to keep her mouth shut.

“The Divine Phoenix Blood?!” Princess Yan Ling stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment. ‘Why do you have the Divine Phoenix Blood?”

Seeing that Princess Yan Ling had been distracted by those words, Feng Wu stopped running.

, on the other hand, thought that Feng Wu was still moving forward, which was why she kept moving forward.

What happened was quicker than words could describe!

Feng Wu had put on the arm of discipline.

With a whoosh, the arm wrapped around the whip and pulled Princess Yan Ling, who was on the other end, to Feng Wu’s side.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Numerous thin needles shot out of the arm, aiming at Princess Yan Ling’s vital parts.

Everything happened so fast that no one had time to react.

Princess Yanl Ling, who was still immersed in the incident with the True Phoenix Blood, was caught off guard.

“You!” gritted her teeth and glared at Feng Wu.

By then, Feng Wu had moved behind her and pressed the sharp dagger against Princess Yan Ling’s thin neck.

Feng Wu smiled a little. She was talking to Mrs Dugu while keeping her eyes on Yan Ling.

“Thank you, my lady, for helping me.”

Mrs Dugu blanched and didn’t know what to say.

She wasn’t helping Feng Wu. She was helping Princess Yan Ling, but as it turned out, Princess Yan Ling had been defeated by Feng Wu! Meanwhile, everyone was staring at Feng Wu in astonishment.

She won!

Feng Wu had won? How was that possible? How? Princess Yan Ling was a peak Spiritual Overlord, but Feng Wu..

Long Yanyi was equally shocked. He had never expected Feng Wu to win.

“This is unbelievable…” Long Yanyi shouted inwardly.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu pressed a dagger to Princess Yan Ling’s neck and asked with a half-smile, “Are you going to give in?”

Of course, Princess Yan Ling wouldn’t give in.

She smirked. “I’m not giving in. What? Are you going to kill me now?” Feng Wu didn’t speak.

Thinking that Feng Wu had been rendered speechless, Princess Yan Ling smirked. “You know the two capable cultivators I brought here, don’t you? Do you know how capable they are? Do you know that they’ll wipe out the entire empire? How dare you kill me? Bring it on!”

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and stared at Princess Yan Ling.

was very pleased.

She was still gloating when something happened.

With a thump, Feng Wu clenched the arm of discipline into a fist and punched Yang Ling.

The impact almost sent Princess Yan Ling flying backward.

It just so happened that Feng Wu was holding the back of Princess Yan Ling’s collar with her other hand, which was why Yan Ling didn’t fly away.

Princess Yanling felt a sharp pain in her belly, so painful that she was almost in tears.

had been spoiled since she was little and had never been beaten up like this.

However, Feng Wu punched Princess Yan Ling in the stomach again. “Are you going to give in or not? Are you going to give in or not?”

With each punch, Princess Yan Ling arched her back like a cooked shrimp, and the pain made her break into a cold sweat. However, she was stubborn. Despite the pain, she wouldn’t give in.

“Feng Wu, kill me if you can! Otherwise, I won’t give in!”

Feng Wu smirked. It seemed that she hadn’t been harsh enough.

With a thump, Feng Wu used the power of thunder!

It was the power of thunder she had infused into the arm when she made it. Once she activated the thunder attribute, the arm would be covered with lightning.

In Feng Wu’s grip, Princess Yan Ling screamed.

Her hair stood up, and she was trembling.

Feng Wu smirked. “So be it. I don’t really want you to give up either.” almost rolled around on the ground in pain.

But she still wouldn’t give in.

They had made a bet that the loser would become the slave of the winner. As Princess Yan Ling of the Dayan Empire, she couldn’t become the slave of an unknown girl from a small country. Therefore, Princess Yan Ling wouldn’t admit her defeat.

Just then, two peak Spiritual Saints stepped out and walked up to them.

“Grandpa Yao, kill her!” Princess Yan Ling shouted at one of them.

Grandpa Yao, who had reached the peak of the Spiritual Saint stage, stared at Feng Wu with his cold eyes.

“No!” Emperor Wu pulled Feng Wu behind him and smiled obsequiously at Yao.

“She was reckless. Please forgive her. She’s still…”

However, Grandpa Yao only smirked and made a little push..