Chapter 3966: No One Is Leaving (1)

However, as soon as the captain gave the order, the girl in red made her move.

She raised her arm of discipline.

A long barrel suddenly appeared at the end of the arm.


A black dot shot out like an arrow!

It was so fast that it cut through the wind!

When the black dot hit the fighter jet, there was a loud bang, and flames filled the air.

“That’s…” Everyone was dumbfounded.

They watched this in disbelief.

The fighter jet flying at the front was surrounded by flames and was burning as they watched!

The people on the fighter jet didn’t even have time to jump out.

“It’s just a little thing, How can it be so…”

Ying Yuan opened his mouth but realized that he couldn’t utter a word.

Ying Yuan wasn’t the only one who was shocked. Everyone was staring at Feng Wu as if she was a demon!

Feng Wu took aim at the second fighter jet.

Although it was only a small black pellet, it was a high-explosive compressed powder shell that Feng Wu had developed with Patriarch Huyan when they were in the Northern Yan Kingdom.

The high-energy spiritual essence had been compressed in the pellet. If it was shot out, the explosion would burn up enough energy to destroy a small team.

It was the same with the second generation fighter jets.


Feng Wu fired another high-explosive compressed powder ball.


There came a loud sound.

The second fighter jet exploded as well.


The trembling people on the ground were all excited.

As for the fighter jet…

The people on the fighter jets drew in their breaths.

On the third fighter jet…

There was only one pilot in each fighter jet, and they were all under the command of the team leader.

It had never occurred to them that Feng Wu could do such a thing, so the team leader was flying at the rear, and he was the first to die. Now that the captain was dead, the deputy should be in charge.


If the captain of the team was running at the front, the deputy was naturally flying next to him.

Then, the deputy died as well.

All hell broke loose.

The pilots on the fighter jets could communicate with each other through the communication channel.

“Guys, what should we do now? Should we charge or not?” The third-in-command was uneasy.

“Let’s go! Of course! We’ll avenge the captain and the deputy!”

“No, I don’t know what kind of ancient technology they have. We have to go back and report it to the higher-ups! We can’t finish the task for the time being. Let’s go back now!” “No, we can’t let them die for nothing! We have to avenge them!”

“No, we have to retreat!”

They couldn’t reach an agreement, and everyone had their own opinion.

That was the bad thing about not having a leader.

Feng Wu smirked.

She was going to shoot each fighter jet in turn, but the fighter jet at the end of the line, the one furthest away from her, had changed its direction.

“You want to leave?”

Feng Wu smirked and raised her arm..