Chapter 3967: No One Is Leaving (2)

“Remote, fire!”

There was a loud thump.

The high-explosive compressed powder exploded.

The rearmost fighter jet was hit, and flames erupted, creating a glow brighter than fireworks!

Ying Yuan and the others clenched their fists in excitement.

However, the fighter jets in mid-air began to panic.

Should they fight or not?

“Shoot her!”

A voice came from the third jet.

However, only a handful of fighter jets stopped, and most of them had already fled.

The three remaining fighter jets…

Feng Wu smirked.

Thump, thump, thump!

Feng Wu fired three high-explosive compressed powder shells in a row.

She wasn’t familiar with the controls at first, but after two shots, she was able to shoot fast and accurately.

She turned the three fighter jets into flames before they could do anything.

The pilots who had fled turned around and saw what was going on. They were terrified.

If they had chosen to stay, they would have been turned to ash as well.

At that thought, they picked up their speed. Feng Wu said, “Guard the portal, and don’t let anyone in!”

Ying Yuan nodded repeatedly. “Yes!”

He looked at Feng Wu with sparkling eyes that were filled with excitement and admiration.

“And them! Watch them closely!” Feng Wu looked around at the people lying on the ground.

She meant Lan Wumei and the others.

Ying Yuan nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on them and deal with them when you get back!”

Lan Wumei and the others wanted to cry, but no tears would come.

Many gave Senior Sister Lan reproachful looks, and she said angrily, “Didn’t you say that Nest would be destroyed and we would all die? Didn’t you want to run back to the imperial capital? Why are you blaming me now?!”

Naturally, the others wouldn’t let Lan Wumei talk her way out of it, so they started criticizing her.

Lan Wumei said angrily, “She’s only shot a few fighter jets. How can she change the situation? It’s a one-sided war now, and we’re bound to lose!”

Many people couldn’t retort her.

They had all come from the front line, so they knew how dangerous it was.

Feng Wu ran after the fighter jets, while they flew as fast as they could.

If anyone else had seen it, they would have been shocked, for they had only seen fighter jets chasing people, not the other way around…

“Run!” The pilots in the communication channel broke into a cold sweat.

They wished they could have ten more wings.

Just then, there was a loud bang.

They turned around and saw what was going on.

Another fighter jet exploded in mid-air.

That was it…

They had lost another fighter jet.

There were only three of them left.

“Hang on. We’re almost there!”



“Argh! I surrender! I surrender!”

Feng Wu destroyed all the small fighter jets in one go, leaving only one behind.

She kept the last one because she wanted to drive it herself.

She didn’t have time to clean up the mess. Instead, she ran toward the front line as fast as she could..